Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who Wants Some Doilies?

Last weekend we did a little more cleaning out at our house.  We aren't ones to hold onto things but somehow we sure have cleaned out a lot.  One thing that I do hold onto is fabric.  I love it so. 
Back a couple of years ago when I was sewing items for my business I had quiet the collection and I also used it as an excuse to buy a lot of fabric.  Now that I sew way less, I buy a lot less fabric.  I did get rid of what I could, it took me about 4 months to get to that point. 

I use to keep all of my fabric/sewing supplies in an armoire in the guest room.  Now that Eric's room is going to be a nursery, his gun safe needs a new home.  I didn't want a gun safe sitting out so we are taking the shelves out of the armoire and sliding the gun safe in.  Well that was the plan now I think we are going to make a new cabinet to slide the gun cabinet into.  The original armoire is a little deeper than it needs to be so with a new cabinet we can shave off about 6".  All that to say my fabric got scaled down and moved into the chest.
Even though I am sad I got rid of so much, it does make me happy to see these lovely colors looking at me. Oh and today I read that some of my fabric is worth $80 a yard!  I think I paid $3 a yard for it a few years ago.  See Eric fabric IS an investment! 

I'm not sure I could actully cut most of this fabric, it is just too beautiful.

While I cleaned out the fabric armoire I came across a stash of doilies leftover from my doily tablecloth.  Most look like the one on the left and then some randoms.  I don't really want to get rid of them but I don't have a reason to keep them.  If you think you can give them a loving home leave a comment and I'll draw a name.  If you are the lucky one I'll send them your way.  Just make sure your email is in or linked to your comment!
Giveaway is over, congrats Jonella!


Deborah said...

I would love a doily!

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

ooh They are beautiful I would so love to have these, I have been trying to collect them to make a table runner out of them, found the idea on Pinterest :)

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

p.s. I am jealous of your fabric stash !! &
my email is

Red Gate Farm said...

Since I recently cleaned out my closet in my sewing room you've inspired me to take a picture of all of MY fabric! Some of which I purchased when my kids were toddlers because it was the same fabric as current "Osh Kosh" brand items (a long, long time ago)!

And I'd LOVE to have another doily or two to add to my collection :)


Shannon said...

I am having fabric envy right now! :)

I have been looking for doilies for a couple of projects I would like to do! I hope you will include me too! They would have a wonderful home in MN!

The Wileys said...

So maybe I could make something from them...would sure like to try! agk0001 at

LeeLu Creations said...

I would LOVE to have these!! :)


Karen said...

Well I don't really need any doilies...I'm still living in the apt while I house shop! But I DO share your passion for fabric! Sometimes I go to the Pacific Design Center in LA just to collect pretty fabric samples! Shameful I know!

Love the colorful look of all your fabrics in the drawer...may have to try that!

Jessica said...

oooooh i want! i always see projects and lovely things done with doilies, and i am always like, "where are people getting all these doilies?"

also i was so excited to read you're having a baby! i have a 5 month old. it is the hardest job ever, but the best one at the same time. you will love it!

jessicabuben at yahoo dot com

Cathy said...

You doilies would be so happy in California!! I want to frame some to hang in my living room!!

Thanks for thinking of us!!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Please enter me for a chance to win the doilies. My mother in law tried to find me some and hasn't had any luck. I've been looking at thrift stores to no avail. Anyhow, I'm interested. :) just in time for Valentines Day, too.

Jonella said...

Ooh! I would love some doilies. My mom used to have a lot of them before she passed away. My email is

Stepher said...

Have you drawn a winner yet? I would love your doilies!


Kimber said...

I would love some doilies!!!


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