Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photo A Day: September & October

A few more posts to round out 2012.  One of my favorite things I did this year was a photo a day. Can't wait to compare 2012 to 2013!


1) Labor day at the Borden's lake.  2)  Move to our backyard?  3) Labor Day weekend list done  4) Friend picnic at JHS  5) New book 
6) House was a no, so now I'm adding on to ours  7) Girls beach trip at AJ's  8)  Girls weekend beach time in Destin  9) Rolling in the gulf, my fav  10) This squirrel was in our window!  11) Nutter Butters were making me crave hot tea like we had on the way to Phoenix in 2008  12) Bakn' bacon 
13) Bellarose's birthday!  14) Bellarose's banner  15) Gameday walk with Claire        16) Working with Eric 

17) More Bellarose   18) Mama please give me that cookie  19) Walk downtown  20) Praying Mantis on my car - so many answered prayers this week!  21) Tailgate prep mess  22) Look at that field! 
23)  Trying out the local food truck, my first fish taco  24) Usual night  25) Eric made the front page  26) Beautiful sunset  27) Shot time  28) IUI day!!  29) Chloe Beth turns 5  30) Auntie time


1) Walk downtown  2) To read  3) BBQ house and the debate  4) Buying E's bday gift  5) Luke Bryan concert  6) Eric at work  7) Flowers from Eric  8) My car title!!!  9) For the garbage man...  10) Positive pregnancy test!  11) Blood pregnancy test to confirm & donuts to celebrate 12) Before and after I cut off my hair  13) Leftovers  14) Pangea concert     15) Baby's first DVD  16) Nighttime walk

17) trying to get 2 miles but baby wears me out  18) Nail time  19) Headed to Winfield  20) We told our family today 
21) Bellarose's baby dedication  22) Serger class  23) Serger class result  24) New rug in the bedroom  25) Last warm night 
26) Checking on the field  27) Flyover at the game  28) First tired day, bed at 7:30  29) 1st day of morning sickness  30) My love    31) First baby photo!


Jenn Leigh said...

I really need to start doing something like this myself.

I noticed one picture of your countertops post tailgating prep...I'm dying to know how they hold up over time. We are getting ready to install butcherblock countertops in our kitchens and I'm a little nervous. Our clean up after cooking track record isn't awesome.

vanessa said...

Hey Jennn Leigh-
The countertops are still looking good. They have lost a little of their luster but really I'm probably the only person that can tell. I do clean up messes pretty quick so I'm sure that has something to do with it!

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