Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good Deals

Hey y'all I've got to tell you about 2 baby deals right now.  Sorry if you don't like deals or babies,I don't want to be the girl that talks about baby stuff all of the time so if you are into doilies (I mean WHO isn't) come back tomorrow!

First up is the ERGO baby carrier.  Today they along with Baby Bjorn are on GILT for a great price.  I ordered the brown organic carrier and with shipping it was only $72!  Great deal considering the same one is at Target for $135 (but you get a $20 gift card) and Amazon for $114.  I have several friends that really like the ERGO because it is suppose to have the most back support and can support 45 lbs. 

The Baby Bjorn is also on sale at GILT.  Another reason I went with the ERGO is the Bjorn was called a crotch dangler (yikes) and compared to sitting on the arm of a couch while the ERGO was like sitting on a couch. ha, who knows but if it doesn't work out I can always sell the carrier.
If you need an GILT account click HERE.  I get a $25 credit from that link.

Another good deal (thanks Amy) is the Fisher-Price Cradle N' Swing My Little Snugbunny for only $99 with free shipping.  I think this also falls into the category of not really knowing if you need it or not but it is $70 off and you can always sell it if the baby hates it.  Plus it has a plug instead of batteries and is cream and not crazy baby primary colors! 


skye @ neathering our fest said...

My friend Jordan has that baby swing and her baby LOVES it! She also likes it because it plugs in and doesn't take batteries so you don't have to worry it will quit swinging right at the worst time. :) I will have to check out GILT! :)

Natalie said...

from a friends experience that carrier is worth its weight in GOLD...and all three of my babies loved the swing! you will definitely use both :)

Kat said...

We had a swing like that for Ry and he lived in it. Ours took batteries though which is such a pain. I just bought a 4 pack the other day for $8. What a stinkin' rip! We're borrowing a swing now for Finn since the other one's motor died. Looks like a cute carrier. Love those things (even if mine isn't a fancy ERGO). Have you gotten a stroller yet?

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

These are two of my top baby picks so I think you got a steal. Seriously, that swing saved out lives many times in the past two months. I would go without almost anything else. But not the swing.

Red Gate Farm said...

Although I'm not currently in the market for much baby stuff... I will NEVER be tired of hearing about babies :) Keep sharing!


Karli @ RockyBella said...

We have that swing and Liam LOVED it. Also, I just bought the Ergo with my 2nd and it is SO MUCH better than any other carrier. With my 1st I had the moby and an infantino one from target...and they were both just not very usable or comfortable for either of us. SO GREAT PICKS!!!!!!

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

We have a similar swing and both of our kiddos have loved it! I just wish we had the plug-in version, but spending $$ on batteries was worth it for me! That's an awesome deal! :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on your pregnancy!! I've been following your blog for a long time, so I was thrilled to see your happy news! The swing is awesome!!! For my little ones, it was the best thing ever. I borrowed one from a friend for my oldest and went out and bought one for my next. I also wish I had bought the plug version. We use rechargeable batteries in ours. Have fun!

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