Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Room

So the question I get most regarding the baby is what will his/her room look like.  Well the answer is I don't know.  When it comes to planning my own kid's I sort of get paralyzed.  I do have 2 different fabrics that I bought a few years ago that I may still use but other than that no clue. 

I thought that I would have all of the non baby related projects out of the way by Christmas and then in January start on the baby.  I guess I didn't listen when people told me that pregnancy can be hard.  Since the end of October I am doing good to make it home after work and eat supper before I get sick and go to bed.  So those non baby projects-yeah they didn't happen.  But now I am starting to feel normal most of the time and vowing to stay off of the couch unless I have to be there. 
Saturday night I was feeling pretty good so we started to clean out the baby's room.  I don't think I've ever shown this room before because I couldn't find any pictures of it.  It was Eric's room where he displayed all of his hunting treasures and other things that he likes or makes. 
I forgot to take a before photo so some of his things are already moved out but you get the idea.

While I don't understand the need to have more than one deer scull or some of the other things in the room I do know that he loves all of his special things and he works hard for every one of those trophies (and we always eat/donate the meat).  I feel really bad about Eric having to put everything in the attic but times are a changing and I'm sure I'll soon give up my coffee table for a primary colored plastic toy.

Oh did you notice my rug rolled up in the floor?  It was my best deal so far this year (6 whole days ha!).  Yesterday after church we were in Target buying tote boxes and I saw this rug for $50.  I thought it was a good deal and would be the perfect size for the 9x9 bedroom.  When we checked out the rug scanned for $30 y'all!  Such a great deal. 

Here is the tag, the clearance rugs were in an odd spot so look around.

Now that I'm getting motivated to get my act together I went to the antique store looking for a dresser/changing table.  I found a few contenders but the problem with antique dressers is the drawers are antique and so hard to get in/out.  This is the style I am looking at.

Anyone know if antique dressers can have glides added so the drawers work better?
As far as the crib I have a Jenny Lind crib that my sister bought for me about 2 years ago.  I'm planning on painting it, not sure what color yet.  We find out boy or girl this month and will tell our families at the end of the month!


Kat said...

Exciting times! Shoot, maybe I'll get some inspiration from you for Finn's nursery;) One of these days it'll get done...ugh. Love the antique dresser/changing table idea. That's a good look. And great score on the rug! I'm looking for a neutral one for the boys' room...guess I gotta check out Target!

Natalie said...

You can add drawer guides to any drawer, it just involves rebuilding the drawer boxes...making them smaller width wise so guides can be placed on each side.
Your soon to be nursery looks like what Stephen WISHES a room in our house looked like ;) sweet Eric giving up his space!

Laura@happyroost said...

A super cheap fix to getting drawers to work better is to use an old-fashioned bar of soap. Rub it (while dry) over all the edges of the drawer that rub. Then, do the same to the inside of the dresser where the drawers rub. The soap acts as a lubricant and you will notice a huge difference!


Karen said...

Cute rug Vanessa! And great bargain too. I bet you are so excited to find out the sex of the baby!

The dresser in the picture is almost exactly like the one I bought for my first daughter 30 years ago at the Rose Bowl flea market. I love that style but you are so right about the drawers being sticky. I don't know if gliders can be added but I don't see why not.

Btw, my daughter now has the dresser in her dining room in her home (using as a buffet). That's the great thing about keep them forever :)

Susan Canaan said...

So excited to find out the sex of the baby! I just know the room will be perfect. Hope to see you soon!

Hannah Dixon said...

Yay!! You're feeling better!

Gunnar's changing table is an antique and I just took the bottom gliders out completely. It works fine for what we need, but you could probably add metal or plastic ones...I don't see why it wouldn't work.

Let me know next time you head to Angels!! I'm always up for a hunt!

The Halls said...

I'm so thrilled for you and can't wait to see what a lovely nursery you create!

Jodi said...

I'm thinking about painting a Jenny Lind crib, but I'm a little nervous about it -- spray paint seems the best method, but doesn't necessarily seem the safest. Maybe I get my (non-handy, non-neat) husband to try it? I'm curious to see how yours goes!

Leeanne Dyson said...

Before I could read the whole thing and was still browsing the pictures, I was thinking: deer skulls for a baby room? o.O haha

I think you can add sliders to those antique cabinets. They would probably have to adjust the pull outs themselves, but I think you can ask them to use the original wood. They should at least be able to work through with that condition.

Leeanne Dyson

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