Thursday, January 31, 2013

Who Wants Some Doilies?

Last weekend we did a little more cleaning out at our house.  We aren't ones to hold onto things but somehow we sure have cleaned out a lot.  One thing that I do hold onto is fabric.  I love it so. 
Back a couple of years ago when I was sewing items for my business I had quiet the collection and I also used it as an excuse to buy a lot of fabric.  Now that I sew way less, I buy a lot less fabric.  I did get rid of what I could, it took me about 4 months to get to that point. 

I use to keep all of my fabric/sewing supplies in an armoire in the guest room.  Now that Eric's room is going to be a nursery, his gun safe needs a new home.  I didn't want a gun safe sitting out so we are taking the shelves out of the armoire and sliding the gun safe in.  Well that was the plan now I think we are going to make a new cabinet to slide the gun cabinet into.  The original armoire is a little deeper than it needs to be so with a new cabinet we can shave off about 6".  All that to say my fabric got scaled down and moved into the chest.
Even though I am sad I got rid of so much, it does make me happy to see these lovely colors looking at me. Oh and today I read that some of my fabric is worth $80 a yard!  I think I paid $3 a yard for it a few years ago.  See Eric fabric IS an investment! 

I'm not sure I could actully cut most of this fabric, it is just too beautiful.

While I cleaned out the fabric armoire I came across a stash of doilies leftover from my doily tablecloth.  Most look like the one on the left and then some randoms.  I don't really want to get rid of them but I don't have a reason to keep them.  If you think you can give them a loving home leave a comment and I'll draw a name.  If you are the lucky one I'll send them your way.  Just make sure your email is in or linked to your comment!
Giveaway is over, congrats Jonella!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Good Deals

Hey y'all I've got to tell you about 2 baby deals right now.  Sorry if you don't like deals or babies,I don't want to be the girl that talks about baby stuff all of the time so if you are into doilies (I mean WHO isn't) come back tomorrow!

First up is the ERGO baby carrier.  Today they along with Baby Bjorn are on GILT for a great price.  I ordered the brown organic carrier and with shipping it was only $72!  Great deal considering the same one is at Target for $135 (but you get a $20 gift card) and Amazon for $114.  I have several friends that really like the ERGO because it is suppose to have the most back support and can support 45 lbs. 

The Baby Bjorn is also on sale at GILT.  Another reason I went with the ERGO is the Bjorn was called a crotch dangler (yikes) and compared to sitting on the arm of a couch while the ERGO was like sitting on a couch. ha, who knows but if it doesn't work out I can always sell the carrier.
If you need an GILT account click HERE.  I get a $25 credit from that link.

Another good deal (thanks Amy) is the Fisher-Price Cradle N' Swing My Little Snugbunny for only $99 with free shipping.  I think this also falls into the category of not really knowing if you need it or not but it is $70 off and you can always sell it if the baby hates it.  Plus it has a plug instead of batteries and is cream and not crazy baby primary colors! 

Friday, January 25, 2013

19 Weeks Update

I've had a few requests from friends and families to do a pregnancy and bump update.  Well there hasn't really been much of a bump to update on until now.  Eric took these pics today at lunch.  19 weeks already!

With clothes on I don't really look pregnant.  I just look like I ate 17 big hot wings last night.  Which I did- all you can eat night and I ate all that I could.  Now I have gone all the way up to the hottest sauce "Death".  Way to go baby K you were a part of that historic moment!
In week 18 my bloat turned into a real baby bump! 

I still wear my regular clothes, but most of my work pants don't fit since they are those slide snaps.  I did find some pants in the Jr's section at Dillard's that I wear just about every day to work if I'm not in a dress.  They are the brand Sloosh and have a band instead of buttons or snaps, I guess like jeggings for work. Weggings anyone? I scored them on New Year's Day for only $11 each!  With jeans if they are more of a low rise I can still button them, regular jeans go unbuttoned or just not worn. I also love these shirts (like I'm wearing) from Old Navy, couldn't find them online but they are only $9 in the store.

I haven't had any nausea since week 16 but sometimes have random gag and throwup episodes.  Water use to make me nauseous but I linked it to the water cup I was using when I first got sick. I got rid of that cup and now water is my friend again.  I'm going to brag that for the last 3 days I've drank drink drunk 68 oz of water while at work! 

I am good with all food and have been eating a lot of salads with the BEST homemade dressing.  The only craving I've had would be vinegar.  I could drink that salad dressing and I've had my fair share of salt & vinegar chips.  Pair with cranberry juice and you've got yourself the perfect duo.

At week 6 my fertility Dr told me to stop exercising until 12 weeks, which is when I started to get sick anyway.  I have tried to run but only made it about 1/2 a mile before I was out of breath.  I haven't been brave enough to get back to body pump and honestly I probably won't.  Walks at lunch are about all I've got right now.

That is about it.  We tell our families next week if we are having a girl or a boy.  Should be fun.  Any guesses?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things I've Been Loving Lately

Not too much going on around here so I thought I would do a little post on some things I am loving lately.  Anything you can't live without that I should know about?

Clarisonic Mia 2.  I've had my eye on this little machine for a couple of years but the price has kept me from purchasing.  Since I'm 30 and worth it (ha) I decided now was the time to start getting serious about taking care of my skin.  My in laws gifted me my Mia 2 at Christmas and I've used it almost everyday since.  It only takes 1 minute and nothing feels as good as having a clean face when you go to bed!  Mine came from QVC and they usually have some cute colors.  It also came with the Fresh Soy Face Cleanser which has great reviews but I haven't used it yet. 

Waterpik - I know isn't this boring and weird.  This was also a Christmas gift (that I asked for).  This little machine has changed my life.  My dental hygienist loves waterpiks and is always singing their praises.  Eric bought one a few months ago but I was still skeptical.  But then I realized seriously flossing sucks I need a waterpik.  This model is simple and cheap but gets the job done. 

Jajoba Oil - I've been using this oil as my moisturizer for about 3 years now.  I only use a tiny amount and it soaks right into my skin without leaving it oily.  I bought mine at Earth Fare. My mom loves Josie Maran's Argan Oil products but I've never tried those. 


Bert's Bees gud lotion - In another attempt to cut out parabens I switched body lotion.  I went for this line of Bert's Bees.  I loved the soft smell at first but once I got pregnant I couldn't take the scent so I had to go back to regular lotion.  I'm happy to report that I was able to use the lotion again today and so far so good.

 I've been trying to be more conscious of the chemicals that I put on my body since I started trying to have a baby.  I still have a long way to go but you have to start somewhere right?  I figured that I should be most cautious about the products that sit on my skin all day.  I decided to start by eliminating parabens in my lotion and moisturizer.  I tried to go with a paraben free foundation but still haven't found anything I like as much as my current makeup.  I do use a paraben free primer so maybe that counts for something.  Anyone have a good paraben free makeup suggestion that stays on all day?

Thursday, January 10, 2013


A few days ago on facebook I saw a handy little savings chart where you save the dollar amount for whatever week of the year it is.  The photo was hard to read so I retyped one for myself printed it out for the fridge, and then shrunk it down in excel to keep in my wallet.

I thought it was a neat concept and an easy way to save for something extra or if you are on a tight budget a great way to get started saving money. I really love to save money but have a hard time spending what I save so I think this will help me out.

Since most of us don't have an extra $200 laying around in December I switched the challenge and started from week 52 to make it easier.  What is something you would save up for.  Me?  A vacation of course!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Baby Room

So the question I get most regarding the baby is what will his/her room look like.  Well the answer is I don't know.  When it comes to planning my own kid's I sort of get paralyzed.  I do have 2 different fabrics that I bought a few years ago that I may still use but other than that no clue. 

I thought that I would have all of the non baby related projects out of the way by Christmas and then in January start on the baby.  I guess I didn't listen when people told me that pregnancy can be hard.  Since the end of October I am doing good to make it home after work and eat supper before I get sick and go to bed.  So those non baby projects-yeah they didn't happen.  But now I am starting to feel normal most of the time and vowing to stay off of the couch unless I have to be there. 
Saturday night I was feeling pretty good so we started to clean out the baby's room.  I don't think I've ever shown this room before because I couldn't find any pictures of it.  It was Eric's room where he displayed all of his hunting treasures and other things that he likes or makes. 
I forgot to take a before photo so some of his things are already moved out but you get the idea.

While I don't understand the need to have more than one deer scull or some of the other things in the room I do know that he loves all of his special things and he works hard for every one of those trophies (and we always eat/donate the meat).  I feel really bad about Eric having to put everything in the attic but times are a changing and I'm sure I'll soon give up my coffee table for a primary colored plastic toy.

Oh did you notice my rug rolled up in the floor?  It was my best deal so far this year (6 whole days ha!).  Yesterday after church we were in Target buying tote boxes and I saw this rug for $50.  I thought it was a good deal and would be the perfect size for the 9x9 bedroom.  When we checked out the rug scanned for $30 y'all!  Such a great deal. 

Here is the tag, the clearance rugs were in an odd spot so look around.

Now that I'm getting motivated to get my act together I went to the antique store looking for a dresser/changing table.  I found a few contenders but the problem with antique dressers is the drawers are antique and so hard to get in/out.  This is the style I am looking at.

Anyone know if antique dressers can have glides added so the drawers work better?
As far as the crib I have a Jenny Lind crib that my sister bought for me about 2 years ago.  I'm planning on painting it, not sure what color yet.  We find out boy or girl this month and will tell our families at the end of the month!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Photo A Day: November & December

Last of the photos of the year!


1.  5:30-7:30 my feel normal times  2.  Happy 37th b'day!  3. Cozy  4.  New lamps  5. Nausea relief  6. Check  7. 7 weeks 5 days  8. Fav meal-baked chicken.  9. Sweet treat.  10. AU game  11. 3 dogs + 1 person on the couch.  12. Switching to unscented everything       13. Fertility Dr graduation boo hooooo 14. Surprise!  15. The usual  16. More lazy 

17. Eric's solution to my cheesy Christmas movies.  18.  Fabric purge  19. Turkey pot pie  20. Angel tree shopping.  21. No pic but we went home for Thanksgiving  22. Bellarose's 1st Thanksgiving, Nana's 88th!  23. Pants fit yesterday and I had the flattest stomach ever.  24. Ready for Christmas.  25. Return home meal.  26.  Carbs can't get enough. 
27. Who knows I am sure I felt like crap   28.  Craving a smoked chicken.  29. Sick day.  30.  Cranberry slush.


1. Craving OJ so bad I had to drink in the parking lot.  2. Our 2012 tree.  3. 11 weeks 3 days.  4. Family photo time.  5. Fav lip stain 6. Christmas cards mailed.  7. My sister graduated from nursing school.  8. 2012 goal of going up 2 hotnesses on the wing sauce chart OWNED.  9.  Christmas in B'ham and our new ornament. 10. My favorite foods, cranberry juice and salt and vinegar chips.  11.Christmas tree.  12. Supper club.  13. I want  14. Claire's good hair day.  15. Momma G's Christmas cups  16. After work view from the couch

17. Giant Reese cup.  18. Can't snap pants today  19. Me in This Old House  20. Cookie swap.  21. Spouse Christmas  22. Claire's gift.  23. Pin the Pig.  24. Bellarose smiles!  25. Brooks happy about cologne.    26. Snow in Texas!  27. My buddy.  28. Baby's first stocking.  29.  Claire swims.  30. 15 weeks 2 days.  31. Home from Texas.

Photo A Day: September & October

A few more posts to round out 2012.  One of my favorite things I did this year was a photo a day. Can't wait to compare 2012 to 2013!


1) Labor day at the Borden's lake.  2)  Move to our backyard?  3) Labor Day weekend list done  4) Friend picnic at JHS  5) New book 
6) House was a no, so now I'm adding on to ours  7) Girls beach trip at AJ's  8)  Girls weekend beach time in Destin  9) Rolling in the gulf, my fav  10) This squirrel was in our window!  11) Nutter Butters were making me crave hot tea like we had on the way to Phoenix in 2008  12) Bakn' bacon 
13) Bellarose's birthday!  14) Bellarose's banner  15) Gameday walk with Claire        16) Working with Eric 

17) More Bellarose   18) Mama please give me that cookie  19) Walk downtown  20) Praying Mantis on my car - so many answered prayers this week!  21) Tailgate prep mess  22) Look at that field! 
23)  Trying out the local food truck, my first fish taco  24) Usual night  25) Eric made the front page  26) Beautiful sunset  27) Shot time  28) IUI day!!  29) Chloe Beth turns 5  30) Auntie time


1) Walk downtown  2) To read  3) BBQ house and the debate  4) Buying E's bday gift  5) Luke Bryan concert  6) Eric at work  7) Flowers from Eric  8) My car title!!!  9) For the garbage man...  10) Positive pregnancy test!  11) Blood pregnancy test to confirm & donuts to celebrate 12) Before and after I cut off my hair  13) Leftovers  14) Pangea concert     15) Baby's first DVD  16) Nighttime walk

17) trying to get 2 miles but baby wears me out  18) Nail time  19) Headed to Winfield  20) We told our family today 
21) Bellarose's baby dedication  22) Serger class  23) Serger class result  24) New rug in the bedroom  25) Last warm night 
26) Checking on the field  27) Flyover at the game  28) First tired day, bed at 7:30  29) 1st day of morning sickness  30) My love    31) First baby photo!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas 2012

I know Christmas is so 2012, but I've got to get this posted.  I hope to be around more in 2013 so closing up a few things from 2012 is a start!

our last Christmas date as a family of 2/ husband and wife Christmas gifts /
Claire picking out her Christmas gift / baby's first stocking / 15 weeks / Claire's fav gift that wasn't hers / Claire decides to go swimming in 40* water / failed gingerbread house / nephew's first Santa visit

 niece's first Christmas / nephews that love board games / message on Christmas day / my dad's gag gift to his sisters / nephew so excited over cologne / nephew aunt Christmas gift / snow on our drive to Texas / having fun with nephew / niece and a few of her gifts

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