Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Idea- A Hair Dryer?

Are you through with your Christmas shopping?  I am one of those people that is finished in November.  If you are not and still need to get a gift but have no clue what to spend $60 on I've got an idea for you....

For a few years I've been thinking about investing in a good professional hair dryer.  I actually bought 2 earlier this year and chickened out and returned them.  Then last week when my hair dryer died and I had to resort to the guest bathroom hair dryer which is terrible- I knew I had to do something.  Enter my Christmas bonus and with a healthy dog this year (paws crossed) that won't consume every extra December dime we have I decided now is the time.  I was prepared to spend around $130 and asked my hair stylest what she recommends.  She recommended the Jilbere de Paris hairdryer.  She said that out of all the ones she has tried this has been her favorite and it is way under my budget at $60- most excellent!

Off to Sally Beauty I went last night and bought the Jilbere de Paris titanium tools cubic print hair dryer.  I was so excited to wake up and wash my hair but little did I know that the stupid alarm company from work would call at 2am and pretty much end my slumber for the night.  I was still able to make it out of bed in time to wash my hair, I really didn't have a choice seeing that 5 days of unwashed hair is over the limit even for me.  Oh it was so worth it even with 4 hours of sleep.  My hair is fizzy fly away free and shiny today.  So if you are looking for something for someone that has everything or someone that wouldn't spend $60 on a hair dryer for themselves now you have a gift idea! 

Speaking of my hair this happened 2 months ago.

 I needed to get about 4" cut off for a more healthy look so I decided to keep growing until I had enough to donate.  I ended up with about 12" cut off.  At first I was happy and loved it but now I am sad because I thought it would grow back faster.  You would never believe that several years ago if I had hair past my chin it was considered long.    


Deborah said...

Aww your hair is so short now! Thanks for the tip on the hairdryer :-)

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Cute! Love the cut

Red Gate Farm said...

I "donated" my hair a few years ago when I went "shorter"... however my hair grows crazy fast and was back in no time... of course the downside to my hair is that it has enough curl to be unmanageable but not enough to be really curly... and in rainy weather that's not such a great thing. I wish I could skip washing my hair but I look like a crazy person every morning :/ I am lucky that I only have to use a dryer on my bangs... the rest is left up to itself!


Karo said...

nice, thnx for the recommendation, although I have my favorite, it's the karmin g3 hair dryer, keeps my hair soft and smooth, but that one looks pretty good too. :D

Unknown said...

Did you hair dryer come with a Diffuser attachment for doing curly hair?

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