Friday, December 21, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Thank you to everyone that sent sweet comments and emails about our baby news!  I wish I could respond to everyone personally but if your email isn't attached to your comment I can't. boo.  But thanks times 1 million!

Our 2012 Christmas Card made from Instagram snaps. 
Many Merry Christmas blessings!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This year at Christmas...

I usually show my Christmas decorations each year but this year the decorations are pretty sparse.  I did hang the wreaths outside on the windows but I didn't add the live greenery to them like I always do.  The only thing that came down from the attic was our little S'mores tree, but we didn't even get the ornaments down. 
I do miss our big live tree, especially since we had an extra week of Christmas to enjoy with Thanksgiving being so early.  But I think our tree this year is cute enough and may be my favorite tree yet.  Every year we buy an ornament to represent the year and these are the ones we chose for 2012.

Since the tree was a little sparse with 4 ornaments, we used our favorite photos from 2012 as ornaments.

Yep that is our little baby!  Set to make an appearance next June!!  Growing a human, even if they are 3" long is tough work (hence the lack of Christmas decor)but we are so crazy excited and so extremely grateful that God chose us to become this little ones parents. 

So many of you have sent the nicest emails and comments of encouragement to me and I appreciate that so much.  And to those of you still hurting to fill that hole in your heart I am praying for you - every night while I am awake from 2-4am.  While I am forever grateful to be having a baby, my heart still hurts so badly for you.  I carry so much guilt that I was one of the ones that survived and got out of the "club" but just know that every time I think God for this baby I also say a prayer for you that you will get to take a happy photo like this soon.

The night we found out.  I slept with that test on my nightstand and probably looked at it 20 times all night!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gift Idea- A Hair Dryer?

Are you through with your Christmas shopping?  I am one of those people that is finished in November.  If you are not and still need to get a gift but have no clue what to spend $60 on I've got an idea for you....

For a few years I've been thinking about investing in a good professional hair dryer.  I actually bought 2 earlier this year and chickened out and returned them.  Then last week when my hair dryer died and I had to resort to the guest bathroom hair dryer which is terrible- I knew I had to do something.  Enter my Christmas bonus and with a healthy dog this year (paws crossed) that won't consume every extra December dime we have I decided now is the time.  I was prepared to spend around $130 and asked my hair stylest what she recommends.  She recommended the Jilbere de Paris hairdryer.  She said that out of all the ones she has tried this has been her favorite and it is way under my budget at $60- most excellent!

Off to Sally Beauty I went last night and bought the Jilbere de Paris titanium tools cubic print hair dryer.  I was so excited to wake up and wash my hair but little did I know that the stupid alarm company from work would call at 2am and pretty much end my slumber for the night.  I was still able to make it out of bed in time to wash my hair, I really didn't have a choice seeing that 5 days of unwashed hair is over the limit even for me.  Oh it was so worth it even with 4 hours of sleep.  My hair is fizzy fly away free and shiny today.  So if you are looking for something for someone that has everything or someone that wouldn't spend $60 on a hair dryer for themselves now you have a gift idea! 

Speaking of my hair this happened 2 months ago.

 I needed to get about 4" cut off for a more healthy look so I decided to keep growing until I had enough to donate.  I ended up with about 12" cut off.  At first I was happy and loved it but now I am sad because I thought it would grow back faster.  You would never believe that several years ago if I had hair past my chin it was considered long.    

Monday, December 3, 2012

New Jams

In the breaking news category (other than I updated this space!) check out my new pj's  bought myself for Christmas.  Gotta look out for #1 right?

Super cute with a little holiday sparkle but neutral enough I can wear them all winter.  I I haven't worn them yet, 76* isn't really the type of weather for flannel but I am sure I will feel snazzy when I do. 
Have you bought yourself a Christmas gift this year?  Eric bought himself a Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, you would have thought he bought some metallic gold dot pajamas he was so excited!

I just saw this Amazon Gold Box Deal of the Day via Thrifty and Thriving:
The best show ever Downton Abbey Seasons 1 & 2 DVD set for $23.99!! or the blue ray version for $25.99 w/ free shipping!!  That is both bloody seasons people!  It is the UK version which means more material because the US cut some scenes!  You better belive I hit purchase faster than Lavinia came down with the Spanish Flu. 
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