Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pressed Leaves

One Saturday morning during the summer Eric and I were running and happened upon an estate sale.  Of course we had to go in even though we had no money with us.  I found a few things that I couldn't live without, a big green jug being one of them. 

Eric being the good man that he is ran home (literally!) and got some cash and the big green jug was mine.  Fast forward a few months and that big green jug that I had to have was sitting in the dining room floor with all of the other vases and jugs I have had to have.  Country Living comes in the mail and shazam there is my big green jug's big brother.

I knew I could make this leaf wall happen pretty easily once the leaves started to turn.  So off we went last Saturday on another walk and I collected leaves.  When I got home I glued them to index cards and went to the football game.  The next morning I took a peak and most looked good but a few looked like this.

Boo hoo.  All of that long story to ask does anyone have any suggestions when trying to glue leaves to cards, I think the more technical term is pressed leaves? 

p.s. I hope y'all are doing good.  I haven't blogged much these past few months because I'm feeling a little uninspired and not really creative.  I also havent' been the best blog reader or commenter lately.  Maybe that will change wtih the holidays coming up.  Which speaking of I know time passes so fast and blah blah blah but seriously I don't understand how last week it was November 5th and next week is Thanksgiving?  It is really messing with me.  ha. 
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