Friday, October 26, 2012

Serger Time

In 2011 my aunt Rhonda passed onto me her Baby Lock Imagine serger.  I was already intimidated before I even opened the box.  I tried to thread the machine myself but I am not good at learning though a book, I need a teacher. Our local sewing shop was having a serger class this week and the owner agreed to teach me how to thread my serger before I took the class.  She had never threaded a BL so it was new to her too.  Hello it was so easy with the air thread system for the loopers.  I have the best serger ever. Thank you so much Rhonda for this little jewel.

I learned a lot in the class and I am addicted now.  I can't wait to make something new with my serger.  Love the air feed loop threader and I have no tension to set!!!  Holla!  Tension setting is the worst thing about a sewing machine.  I love that you can sew "air" with a serger unlike a sewing machine.  In class to make our pillow we had to use the sewing machine for  a few things and I kept messing the sewing machine up because I was trying to sew air and pull like a serger.  opps.  I am not a very straight cutter or sewer so I also love that the serger cuts the edge fabric off straight.

This is my finished pillow project.  We even made the pillow inserts (SO much quicker than on a sewing machine) but she gave us the wrong fabric cuts so they were smaller than the pillows. I have taken a basic sewing, geometric smocking, picture smocking, and bishop construction sewing classes and I am always behind the rest of the students.  Not in this class, I was ahead of everyone and finished my pillow before others even started piecing theirs.  Not because I am a good student, but because I had the best machine. 

I gave my pillow to Claire for her cave. 

If you sew do you think it is important to invest in a good machine early on?  I am sort of torn because I think you should start low to see if you like the hobby then invest in good equipment.  But on the other hand a good machine takes away so much frustration.  I guess you should invest in the best you can afford and most sewing shops sell used machines that are in great condition.
p.s. Last year when I was trying to understand how to thread the serger I stumbled across this video.  OMG it is such a gem.  If you know me it is so a song I would have made up as an ode to my serger.  If you need a good laugh check it out. 


Caroline H said...

I just signed up for sewing lessons and am looking for a machine. Do you have an suggestions for a decent one that would have all the basics, but be user friendly for the beginner.

Pine Tree Home said...

I have such a love hate relationship with my serger. It's a hand me down. I'm tempted to invest in a new one, but I don't sew all that much. I don't even know if it's user error or me just blaming the serger.

Shelley said...

I got a sewing machine for Christmas. My mom got me a Baby Lock "Molly" and I love it! It's really easy to if you like the Baby Lock serger you might like their sewing machines too. :)

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