Monday, October 15, 2012

My latest thrift finds

I used to do posts pretty often on my thrift store finds.  The thing about thrift stores and success is you have to go often to be successful.  I use to go at least twice a week.  Now I maybe go once a month.  Sad.  But good news last week I was able to go thrifting twice, and both times were a success.  The first stop was Goodwill where I picked up this brand new, never worn pair of LL Bean clogs for $4.

I use to love to wear clogs back in the day so I just had to have these even if it were for nostalgia reasons, but it wasn't because I plan on wearing them a lot.  I've already worn them twice.  The first time I wore my purple knit maxi skirt and chambray top.  cute!

The second outfit came from a pin.
Source: via Vanessa on Pinterest

This was pretty easy to pull off, even though my outfit is nothing like that girls, ha!  Maybe when I get out my winter clothes.

My review is I love them and Eric's love is slowly growing.

The second score was this Auburnish throw. 

I was wanting to make an Auburn quilt out of old tshirts for our tailgate but lets be honest, we will probably win another championship and Cam Newton will acknowledge my existence before that happens.  This little handmade gem is much cooler and was $8.99.  Pretty steep in my thrifting eyes but it is so cute.  Some old lady probably was so proud of it back in the day but then her great niece thought it was hideous so she donated it to the thrift store.  Jokes on you great niece, your great aunt's throw lives on.  We will get lots of happy memories tailgating laying under the shade trees on this here blanket.

And last but not least this little milk glass vase, costing a major 10 cents!

That's all I've got in thrifting news, you got anything good? 
Maybe I will make an effort to thrift more since I am on that thrifting high.


Red Gate Farm said...

Nicely done! That throw is fun and those clogs are fabulous! I'm a lover of clogs, my husband not so much but really... I don't need fashion advice from a man that just wants to wear jeans and sweatshirts....

And that milk glass! I've never seen a piece like that one! And .10 cents? I thought mine at .29 to .49 were a good deal, WOW!

Great finds,

LeeLu Creations said...

Great outfit! Milk grass around my way is tres expensive. I paid $1.99 for a milk glass vase for my wedding at the thrift store!

Kat said...

Love the clogs with the cropped pants! (I'm DYING to wear normal clothes again so thanks for the inspiration here.) Anything comfortable with some height is awesome in my book--Mitch has got a few inches on me;)

Love the throw too. I always feel so bad when I find things like that at a thrift store. The lady who made that spent so much time on it! Oh well, you're right--it's the great niece's loss and your gain. Score.

Alison said...

I laughed at "jokes on you, great niece." :) Great finds! And--your haircut is super cute! So sorry I never got around to emailing you back after your sweet email back to me about PCOS. Sending an encouraging hug across a couple of states!!!

Karen said...

As always, you look adorable..great outfit and major score on the shoes. And seriously with that blanket?! It's beautiful! I can't believe anyone in your town would donate a blue & orange blanket...unbelievable.

And can I just say, Good Will in Los Angeles is not as good as in Alabama apparently. Those shoes would be at least $15 and that blanket would be $20. And 10 cents? Nothing is under $3.

Good for you on your great finds!!

Kristine in WA said...

Love the outfit and the clogs! I remember my clogs from the 4th grade that my Dad detested. I just might have to snoop around for a pair for myself. :)

Bradley Robertson said...

Love your Thrift finds. Your outfit is super cute!! Hope to see you soon!

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