Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How To Make Your Own Wax Melts

Do you have a wax warmer?  They seem to be everywhere now thanks to Scentsy.  I don't have a Scentsy brand but I am fancy enough to have a Walmart special!  I've really enjoyed it because I don't have to worry about an open flame and I feel like they smell stronger than a candle.  Even though it seems like everyone makes wax melts, I still haven't found a pumpkin scent that I love. What's a girl to do but semi-make my own. 
You don't have to use a new candle- this would also be a great way to get rid of the wax in the jar that didn't burn evenly or if you have a candle that has a janky wick, melt it down.

I went with my favorite pumpkin candle, $1 Pumpkin Spice from Walmart. 

This process is super simple.  Simply melt down the candle in a pot of boiling water.  I think it took less than 5 minutes to have the small candle melted down.   

After the wax is melted pour into an empty melt container.  Make sure you fill it all the way up, it makes it so much easier to pop out after the wax hardens.

 Wait a couple of hours for the wax to harden and that is it!  Pop those suckers out and you are good to melt.

Mmmmmmmmm I can smell the pumpkin spice now. 

Isn't this BHG owl warmer so adorable?!?  Do you have a favorite warmer scent?  My all time favorite is the Tyler Candles - Tyler scent.


Kat said...

Looks easy! I'm game. It must be the time of year 'cause I'm cravin' candles all the time. Picked one up at Ikea the other day but it's not very strong scented...boo. Definitely gonna try your "recipe"!

Jim Kikon said...

Wow. Nice.
This is creative work.


CCB said...

i just found your blog yesterday and have enjoyed reading it, especially your 'eats' section!

gg said...

I bought a candle that didnt have a wick. This was the perfect idea to finally burn the wax.

Hildagarde Carbon said...

Haha! To be honest, I was expecting a very long and detailed instructional post about making wax melts. I was very surprised that I was already at the end of your post within just a few minutes. Well, the procedure only does take a few minutes - probably 10 minutes, give or take. Thank you for this! Vanilla wax melts, here I go!

Hildagarde Carbon

Kylie Jones said...

Great blog! If anyone is interested in making wax tarts without the initial out lay then check out my blog for tips on how to make wax tarts from crayons!!


iGirlZoe said...

Great post and fantastic idea. I will definitely use this. Thanks for sharing. :)

Cindy Dy said...

Your blog is so cute and I love it. Keep it up.Happy blogging. :)


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