Monday, October 22, 2012

Bellarose's Banner

Last month my niece Bellarose was born!  She was (still is) so tiny.  Her pinky finger is about the size of my pinky nail.  So sweet!  She was born a little early and had to stay in the NICU for a week. 
During times of emotion I craft.  So my other sister and I got together and made a little banner to decorate Bellarose's NICU crib.  By the time we finished and mailed the banner to Bellarose's mom, she was home from the NICU.  Praise the Lord!  He has worked so many miracles in her life already,  no other way to explain it but God's Grace!

Hopefully you will never have to make a banner to decorate a NICU bed, but they are fun to make for other times to decorate with.  Here is how we did ours:
The banner needed to be small to fit on her hospital bed so for the circles I used the inside circle of a roll of packing tape for my template - around 3" circle.  I made 2 circles for each letter to make them look stronger and for the felt to stand up to the decorative hand stitching.  For the letters I used the font pharmacy and made it 200 size then bolded it. After I printed the letters off I traced around the outside edges with a Sharpie to make them a little wider and cut them out.  Place on felt and traced over them and cut the felt letters out.  I LOVE the roses on the banner- for Bellarose.  I used this great
template/pattern, Flower #3 rolled rose.  The roses were so fun and easy to make.

I just cut felt in the shape of the grouped roses and glued them to the felt.  I glued the letters to the circles and then glued the bottoms of the circles together and stuck my pom pom trim in between the felt circles and glued the top of the circle.  This is how it looked when I was finished with my portion.  Cute but it needed a little pizazz.

My sister, Angie is really good at hand sewing.  She did a straight stitch around the letters and then a blanket stitch around each circle, this really took the banner up a notch.  Here is how it turned out.

photo taken by Fair Photography

The letter stitching is kind of hard to see but who is looking at that anyway when there is a sweet baby to look at. 
Yesterday was Bellarose's baby dedication.  She was so sweet in her antique gown and my mom used another antique gown to make her bonnet.  That little pearl bracelet she has on is about the size of a ring and when we saw it we thought there was no way it would even fit around her wrist.  We were wrong, it can slip off without being unfastened. So tiny.

So happy that Bellarose is in our family-after 2 boys we need a little doll to dress up and put pearl bracelets on!


Karen said...

Aw, what a sweet baby girl Vanessa! God does some great stuff! Your banner is adorable!

All the best to little Bellarose :)

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Adorable! Love the name. She looks like a doll baby in that last picture

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Adorable! Love the name. She looks like a doll baby in that last picture

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Could she be any sweeter? She's gorgeous and I'm so glad she's doing well. The banner is adorable. What a lovely job you did. I'm a sucker for hand stitching and I adpre the banner.

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