Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Bakin Bacon

Last night we had brinner - breakfast for dinner.  I had a new package of bacon but only wanted to cook a few pieces so I did it the old way, in a skillet.  Oh how my small mind forgot how annoying frying bacon in a skillet is.  It is so messy and makes your house smell like bacon.  Several months ago a friend taught me how to cook bacon in my oven.  It is so easy.  All you do is line a cookie sheet with 2 pieces of foil (yes 2 if you only use 1 the grease leaks through).  Cook at 400* for about 20 minutes.  If you turn the edges of foil up you will create a little wall and have no messy clean up. Never again will you be so happy.  Your bacon is cooked to the perfect amount of crispness and it lays flat not curly.
Bacon has become a big part of my life since I started my new low amylose "diet" a couple of months ago. Most mornings I eat bacon and scrambled eggs, to save time I cook a pack of bacon on Sunday night and keep it in the fridge all week.  In the morning while my cast iron skillet is warming I stick the bacon in it and it heats up.  No radiation box (microwave) needed.  After my skillet is hot I add some bacon grease and coat the skillet.  Very important if you are using a non stick then add 1 egg and 1 egg white.  I just scramble in the pan so I wont mess up another dish.  It takes a few tries to get the non stick issue right with a cast iron skillet but it is worth it.  This takes about 5 minutes max and it is quicker to eat than a bowl of cereal.  

For those of you that have asked the diet is going ok.  I have lost several pounds so that is good but most importantly I have become a lot more disciplined with food-most of the time.  Before if I was counting calories I wouldn't care if I went over because it was just 100 cals and I can run that off-pretty much maintaining.  With this diet I don't eat chips because I'm not suppose to, I will eat 1 chip to get that taste and be fine.  If we eat something with a bun I will just eat the meat or 1 piece of the bun.  I use to eat a banana a day but I think I may have had 2 in the past several months.  I just don't want it because I know I'm not suppose to have that food.  I am no means 100% strict with the diet, I probably have something "bad" at least once a day.  It is usually small like few chocolate chips, but if I know I am going to have a lot of bad food like a Zaxby's club basket I won't cheat for several days. Yesterday I had a small pancake but at least it was whole wheat.  My biggest weakness is still sweet tea.  We don't and never have kept it in our house because I will drink a whole pitcher that day so that isn't a problem at home but going out to eat is.  I have gotten better at ordering water plus it saves like $2.

 Some of you have asked what my meals are so for breakfast I usually eat bacon, eggs, a piece of fruit and water.  The other breakfast option is a smoothie made with spinach, blueberries, strawberries, pineapple and 50% sugar orange juice. 
Lunch is usually a big salad with some type of protein.  My fav is to cook some beef with homemade taco seasoning and top the salad with the that, avocados, and salsa mixed with sour cream.  If I don't eat eggs at breakfast I love to make egg salad. Other options would be soup or chicken salad something like that.
For a snack I usually eat a piece of cheese, fruit or some cocoa dusted almonds if I need something sweet. I also make salt and vinegar kale chips on the weekends when I have more time. 
For supper I usually just have whatever but adjust my side items to exclude corn and potatoes.  If we eat spaghetti and I haven't cheated all day I will eat a few pasta noodles, if I have cheated instead of noodles I use zucchini.  I am sort of obsessed with black bean soup and just bought the dried beans to use instead of canned, trying to get away from the bpa in the cans. 
Like I said not perfect but better than I was and I feel better.  I don't really think about sugar but there are times that only a Reece cup will do and next week we are having roast with potatoes, carrots, and onions - all 3 on the no list.  I think when you make a lifestyle change there is an evolution period so I am sticking with that. 


Karen said...

Sounds like you are being very disciplined...good for you! Glad to hear it's going well and you are feeling well also!

All the best to you Vanessa!

Deborah said...

Is the low-amylose diet a lifestyle change for you or are you just doing it for a shorter period of time (hoping you get pregnant but if you do after doing the diet, will you stop the diet?). Just wondering. Sorry if it's too personal a question. I am proud of you for being so disciplined. Sugar is my weakness....

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

I love baking bacon in the oven! A tip - If you cover the cookie sheet in foil, place a wire baking rack on the sheet, and bake the bacon on the rack, it turns out even crispier and less-soaked in the grease. Delish!

Debra said...

I almost hesitate to write this post publicly, but you can write me directly if you have any questions : )

I must have missed the post that you were dieting.
I've been on one since June.
It is a loaded subject, but when I read your current diet it made me laugh.
You're just like me!
So here is the tough love part.
Your diet, is total self sabotage.
mostly good with the little bad that you tell yourself is okay cause otherwise you would cheat all the time.
Gosh we all love to tell ourselves what our secret inner girl wants to hear!
Heres the deal.
As of today I'm down 35.8 pounds since June 21.
It sucked, I didnt like the diet..still have another 10 days or so, before I go on my 2nd maintenance.

Here is the dirt.
Lots of diets work, but we have to play by their rules.
Otherwise we stay on that roller coaster of disappointment.

I'm going to keep an eye out for updates. Good luck to you.
The bacon looks great on our plates, but not on our *sses! : )
Love your blog!

vanessa said...

@ Deborah - Hopefully one day I will be pregnant and I will ask the dr what he thinks I should do. If it means loading up on carbs I will! :) Baby or not I do plan to keep the carbs and sugar down to as low as I can, I just feel better and think I look better.

@ Debra - I am not on a diet for weight loss, just trying to regulate some glucose issues. Everyone's body is different and like some people don't need gluten I don't need a lot of carbs to be my healthest and most everyone can do without sugar.
I don't want to be the person who eats a ton of carbs and sugar because I am not craving them therefore I keep them to a minimum. They just aren't healthy for me, besides most carbs and sugars are highly processed which is good for no one.
I'm not on a diet, I am hoping to evolve into a lifestyle change which will stay with me for life, unlike a diet when I get off then I blow up like a balloon and binge on everything that I have been craving. Part of a diet or lifestyle change is mental and self control is a good thing not just with food but with so many parts of life.
If I lose a few pounds cool, I am more comfortable not squeezing into my jeans but honestly I could gain some weight and be fine. This is the only body I have so I want to make it last a long time. I run at least 2 miles several days a week and take a weight lifting class so if I eat something bad I can work it off otherwise I need the calories from foods like bacon to function.

Congrats on your weight loss, I am sure it has taken a lot of self control and discipline on your part and I hope that you can stick with it and have a healthy life! Thanks for reading - V

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

The taco salad lunch sounds delicious. I have a hard time with breakfasts myself. Since having Henry I've tried to make a green smoothie te night before to eat while I'm giving him a bottle irst thing. It works okay. I kit gotta keep out of the drive through lane. I also bake our bacon. It's so much better than the icky greasy smell that permeates the house when I fry it. Ugh.

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