Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mint Green & Pink

Yesterday after work I got home and changed clothes.  I looked down and saw this.

Ha.  That minty green color is one of my favs right now and I guess it shows.  I saw the mint phone case on pinterest and actually pinned and ordered.  It is from SwitchEasy and was pretty cheap and shipped super fast.  I was a little unsure after I placed my order because I realized that I hadn't entered any shipping info but it took it from my paypal account. 
Although the case is cute on its own, I had to copy my friend Hannah and get a vinyl monogram to jazz it up.  Monogram ordered from Decal Innovations off of etsy in light pink. 
So I am loving my case. I did have a Lilly Pulitzer phone case but all of the pattern peeled off.  Then I got a Kate Spade hard case but I couldn't stand it and it freaked Eric out because he said it didn't look like something I would have. ha.  So here we are, all that about a phone case.
Do you have a phone case that you love and I should put on my next time list.  My mom said you can get covers made with a photo of your choice so I may try that one out next.


skye @ neathering our fest said...

I like that case! :) And for $14.99 its not too shabby!

Desiree said...

i have a mint phone case too. and a mint obsession :)

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