Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mint Green & Pink

Yesterday after work I got home and changed clothes.  I looked down and saw this.

Ha.  That minty green color is one of my favs right now and I guess it shows.  I saw the mint phone case on pinterest and actually pinned and ordered.  It is from SwitchEasy and was pretty cheap and shipped super fast.  I was a little unsure after I placed my order because I realized that I hadn't entered any shipping info but it took it from my paypal account. 
Although the case is cute on its own, I had to copy my friend Hannah and get a vinyl monogram to jazz it up.  Monogram ordered from Decal Innovations off of etsy in light pink. 
So I am loving my case. I did have a Lilly Pulitzer phone case but all of the pattern peeled off.  Then I got a Kate Spade hard case but I couldn't stand it and it freaked Eric out because he said it didn't look like something I would have. ha.  So here we are, all that about a phone case.
Do you have a phone case that you love and I should put on my next time list.  My mom said you can get covers made with a photo of your choice so I may try that one out next.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fall Is Coming: Squirrels & Beaches

Yesterday morning when I stepped outside to go to work I had to turn back around and grab my jean jacket because it was just a tad too cold for sleeveless. Ok I just checked and it was 66* in the morning and 85* at supper time-not cold but we are reaching for straws here. Since it was so cold we decided to make chili.  While I was cooking this squirrel hoped in the window and scared me.  He just sat there with his 3 pack of pecans.  

Then he started to eat them.  He took the green shells off super fast, it was neat to watch.  If I had opened the window I think I could have gotten him inside.  That is until Claire got a whiff of our new pet.  I love our pecan trees but hate the mess the squirrels make with all of the shells.  This time I let it slide.

With the chili and pecans all over the ground I guess fall really is coming.  To close out summer I made it to the beach one last time over the weekend for our 2nd Annual Beach Trip. 
We have a friend that grew up going to the beaches in North Carolina and for the past 2 years we have been trying to show her that the Gulf has some of the most beautiful soft white sand and crystal blue water in the world. Last year we went during a tropical storm and this year the water was super clean but dark because the remnants of Hurricane Issac were back in the gulf trying to stir up trouble.  Needless to say I had so much fun in the waves-which were huge.  All alone because no one would swim with me.  I think that being IN the ocean playing in the waves is my favorite past time. 
 Here is a picture of the girls that made it this trip.  We were only in Destin, FL from Friday night - Sunday but made the most of our time.  We ate at Another Broken Egg twice and Dewey Destin's which had the second best meal I've ever tasted the Parmesan Crusted Grouper. Oh and I got about 6 hours of sleep all weekend.

(yes I do have another swimsuit besides the yellow one but this is my favorite) 
The people in the tent next to us have been coming down from Indiana for 30 years.  They have a group of about 40 people and come the same week every year.  So much can change in 30 years but they were still all friends coming down to the beach for the week to have fun together. 
I am not a sappy person but, I am so thankful that God blessed me with the friendships that are in my life right now.  With today being Sept 11 it is so easy to look back and think about where we were on this day.  I was in first year at Auburn.  I only had one acquaintance that sat by me in history class and he was the only person that I could call to hang out with because no one wanted to be alone on that day.  The crazy thing is that all but one of my supper club friends lived in Auburn at the time, but not one of us knew each other.  Thankful that today I can take my pick of who to call.  Here is to at least 30 more beach trips! 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Photo A Day July & August

Hi friends.  I hope y'all had a good holiday weekend.  It seems like I haven't shared much of what I've been up to lately and I miss that.  So if you don't you may want to come back another day.  Lots in the life of V sharing today!

Friday started off with me puting my football on the front door.  I have seen SO many cute team door hangers(?) this year, I may have to improve mine.  Never the less Claire approves and says War Eagle!

 Eric's office has been undergoing a little reno and he had some new tile installed last week.  Perfect for a grass man!

Saturday we went to my BIL's place on the lake.  He set up the tv on the dock so we were able to sit outside and watch.  We lost (oh well) but there was a lot of Cam on the sidelines air time.  Granted not enough (it is never enough) but it got me through the loss.  The guys weren't as easily distracted. We also took a boat ride and I found a new house, not sure if I like the house or the vintage Chris-Craft boat-amazing!

Sunday and Monday I worked on my weekend list.  I got almost all of it done.  I spent 3 hours digging up monkey grass.  Ugh to the max.  I was going to rip out my bell pepper plant but found 9 pepper and a few babies!  Does anyone have any good bell pepper recipes.  I admit I prefer raw to cooked but I've got enough to experiment with.

We looked at a "new" house on Sunday. The owner didn't really think this bathroom needed any improvements. Anyone want to buy my house :)

 I can't go another month without posting my Photo A Day.  July and August to catch up on.

1) I decided to join Eric at the driving range, hard but fun.  2) back again!         3)rain, finally.  4) firework on the side of the road for the 4th. 5) we had a storm that knocked out power and we were like drug addicts trying to watch Season 2 of Downton Abbey so we watched it in the air conditioned car on my laptop plugged into the cigarette lighter. ha!  At 11 we made ourselves go inside.  6) lake time.  7) if only my nephews were as cool as me.    8) tubing with Baron.  9) working with Eric.  10) garden to table for lunch.  11) storm at the driving range.  12) blueberry picking.  13) sunset on the way to Texas.  14) pool time in Texas.  15) Claire loved to bite at the watergun on the float.  16) Claire also loved to corral the pool hose.

17) Claire loves to lay by Eric's Nana.     18) one way to Texas.  19) loved my tomato harvest waiting for me when I got home.  20) hole in one!  21) more tomatoes.  22) I got my own wedge.  She is lavender and I named her Wedgina.  23) pity party = chocolate chip cookies for supper.  24) late birthday gift.  25) black eyed suzies in full force.        26) Eric's to be new floor.  27)  first this morning Eric had to put a squirrel that had fallen out of hte pine tree and broken his back and into Claire's control out of its misery with a BB gun, then when he got home he saw this snake going across the road headed for our yard.  Tough day to be an animal in our hood today.  28)  more strawberries than limeade.  29)  wore wet hair in a bun all weekend and it gave me curls.  30)  cozy Claire.  31)  new fabric on my front steps.

1)slumber party at Sissy's.  2)Brooks owned us at the driving range.  3)my new fav hobby.   4)beach with my sisters.  5)beach with my nephews.  6) my 1st time to play real golf.  par 3 nine hole at the beach, I lost but did get one par 3. ha.  7) so happy we are staying on the east side away from most of hte rain.  8) taking Claire for a swim.  9) the only drug I need. 10) Toomer's got trimmed and they look so sad. 11) lake for my sister's 29th b'day.  12) I had to take this pic because my kitchen was so messy for a BLT. 13) fresh fruit and sprite in a bottle. 14) this salad was so good I never want to forget it. 15) working on Bella Rose's quilt.  16) Eric spilled his water and look who cleaned it up!

17)smocking Bella Rose's gown.  18) sitting outside with friends.  19) celebrating out 10 year meetiversary where it all began. 
20) Claire is back in love with the frisbee. 
21) still smocking.  22) bad day for golf so I mostly sat it out because I was so bad. 
23) trying to find a Bible study for us, didn't get this one because I already bring out the best in my husband. duh.  24)  first stop when we roll into my hometown, Cardinal.  25) Baron's bday party.  26) my black eyed suzies died.  27) Eric's new office tile.  28)  Eric finally got his buck mount back and he is happy, can you tell.  29)  the first SK book I ever read was during a hurricane in 2004.  Now 8 years later during Issac I am reading her latest book.  30) the squirrels are collecting pecans and it is driving Claire crazy.  us too, they are messy.  31) football on the door, we are ready.  War Eagle! 
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