Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Shabby Chic Quilt & Smocked Gown

Next month my sister is having a baby girl. For every niece and nephew I make a quilt.  Because of her name, Bellarose, I knew that her quilt needed to have some floral and I wanted the fabric to be vintage looking.  I went with the Treasures by Shabby Chic Rachel Ashwell Collection.  I had a hard time deciding which color to go with but since pink was the obvious choice I went with lilac.  This fabric is beautiful and so soft to work with.

I am not the biggest perfectionist so a little tuck on the back of a quilt doesn't bother me.  I've made 7 quilts and each one of them has some sort of flaw, lets just call it "extra love".  But this is the first quilt I've made that is square and no tucks on the back!!  The binding on the back isn't perfect, but it is the back of the quilt.

Since she is a sweet little thing, I also smocked Bellarose a pink daygown.  I didn't make the gown, ordered it ready to smock off of ebay from the seller sewlovessmocking.  I've smocked this pattern on 3 different outfits this is the first time I didn't make any mistakes.  3rd times a charm ;)

 So those are my latest sewing creations.  I've bought the fabric to make a quilt for me and Eric so I hope to get started on that soon.  It is a zig zag quilt out of Heather Bailey's Nicey Jane and it is going to be so beautiful!!!!!!  I'm sure I will finish in 2057 when the fabric is considered vintage.

Wasn't her shower cake so pretty with all of the little roses!  They saved the top layer for Bellarose's 1st birthday.

Another reason we went home was for my nephew's 5th birthday party.
My nephew had a space party because he is so into space right now.  It was cute and we had a lot of fun going down the jumpy slide.  Baron is such a sweet kid and when he talks to you he ends everything by saying "my friend or my Sissy" (they call me sissy).  Like come sit by me my friend or can I have some water my friend.  Hilarious.  He also has a big heart and is raising money for a well.  One day he wants to fly his rocket to the other side of the world and give kids clean water.  If you want to help him reach his goal you can make a donation HERE

Let's all pile on Uncle E!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

I love the fabric you chose for the wuikt. So pretty and the quilt turned out great. And I'm really looking forward to seeing your zig zag quilt.

Red Gate Farm said...

LOVE the quilt... and the idea of saving the cake from the shower, never would have thought of that!


ps and my sewing/knitting projects usually have a flaw or two... too!

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