Friday, August 3, 2012

Pocket Patch Tshirt DIY

This little project may go down as the fasted pinned ---> completion ever! I pinned this pin on Pinterest Wednesday

and that night I finished my first tshirt! 

Basically all you do is buy a tshirt, I chose one with a pocket to make it easier.  Then make a little template for your pocket patch.  I found the easiest way was to use wax paper because you could still see the pocket and know you were tracing correctly.  On my first shirt (above) I used regular paper and you can see it is a little smaller than the pocket.  It wasn't noticeable enough for me to change it and if you are getting that close to my chest to inspect the pocket patch then we've got problems.  Get your heat and bond, adhere it to the pocket patch fabric and then use your template to cut out the patch.  Iron on and sew around the patch. If you don't want to sew I am sure you could just use extra heavy heat and bond.  Eric thought I needed some big stitches on the pocket since I didn't do my monogram so I used some embroidery thread to make the X. 
Super easy and super fast but if you need more direction, check out the pin.  The hardest part was choosing a fabric because I have a ton of choices. 

I was going to do my monogram but I was too distracted by the Olympics.  I went to Occasions Engraving and typed my initials into the circle monogram.  Printed off the page and enlarged my monogram 230%.  It was just going to be a lot of cutting and I had just cut out a quilt earlier, so I nixed the idea.  Maybe I will actually get my embroidery machine out and learn how to do my own monograms.  Probably not that was my 2010 goal and it is about to be 2013. 
Anyway now you have something fun to do this weekend and we will just pretend that the original idea didn't come from a company named The Frat Collection. 
But I do live in a college town so I am around frat guys often so I'll call this "The 30 Year Old That Lives In A College Town That Loves Nothing More Than To Be Seated Next To College Students In A Restaurant And Overhear Their Conversations So I Can Roll My Eyes And Say What Are Kids Thinking These Days?! Collection". 


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

So cute!' and you look great.

Bradley Robertson said...

Super cute! Think I'll do one for myself and maybe even my kiddos!

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

I love this idea!!! Such an easy way to spice up a plain t-shirt. :)

SEO DJ said...

Just found your blog. Love the dress and twirly skirt. I'm going to go make a T shirt dress now for my Calla!

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