Wednesday, July 11, 2012

June In Review

A little late on this one but I've got to post it.  I am so sad June is over.  It is my favorite month and now I just spend all of my time thinking it is almost fall, then Christmas

1. Last picture of my 20's  2. 30th birthday   3. peach park  4. fastest mile 8:19  5. cutest neighborhood sign ever  6. smoothie and a b'day gift from an old man  7. pretty sunset  8. eric's surprise party decor  9. keroke at my 30th bday party  10. leftover party flowers  11. little mermaid time  12. first tomato!  13. garden is growing  14. rain more rain  15. band downtown  16. my dream car

17. new shorts  18. i set our quilt outside to dry and claire used it as her cabana  19. best smoothie ever  20. fried green beans and a margarita 21. eric checking on his grass 
22. lunchtime bath, Claire had 2 baths that day  23. summer supper  24. makeshift float  23. happy 7th anniversary  24. peacock 
25. homeless bird  26. harvest time 
27. claire loves the sprinklers  28. fry time 

1 comment:

Red Gate Farm said...

You make me feel like "my" June was a bust! I'd better get busy with July :)


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