Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Check In and PCOS Low Amylose Diet

Anyone still here?  I didn't really mean to abandon this little slice of the interwebs or all of the interwebs for that matter but summer happened.  Although it seems like we haven't been doing much of anything the days are passing fast and Eric and I are trying to max out on the day light and little bit of freedom that his schedule allows.  We have been on the go with several trips to the lake and last week we took a fun trip to Texas.  We may actually make it 2 weekends in a row at home.  I do have some house things to share but that would involve me taking pictures so I don't know if that will happen anytime soon. You may just get the bare bones, nothing prettied up.  How does that sound, real life.

I haven't really been running during July-it is too dang hot.  I did run a mile the other night and was so proud I could still easily and enjoyably run a mile. ha.  Running has been replaced with a club and a ball.  We had this thing going where Eric would drop me off at the pool and he would go to the driving range and then come swim with me.  Somehow I decided to go the driving range one day and I haven't been back to the pool yet.  I don't really have a desire to play golf, just use the wedge to try to get the ball into the basket net about 40 yards away.  I've gotten close a million times or hit the rim but the other night I actually got the ball to land in the net!!
I usually wear shoes but that day we stopped by after work and my 4" wedges didn't really work out too well!  We were the only ones there.

After this great victory I decided I needed my own wedge.  I was going to settle from a second hand club with a pretty gripper but we found this lavender and grey beauty on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods.  I named her Wedgina, Wedgie for short.  Wedgina has severed me good so far.  The other night my goal was to hit the moving tractor that picks up the golf balls and I hit his tire.  ping.

Sorry this part is long and hopefully boring to everyone.

In other news has anyone with PCOS tried the Low Amylose Diet?  I came across some people on youtube (this is the first video I watched) talking about it and it has helped them overcome(?) PCOS and get pregnant.  Some of them also combined it with Metformin so if you have any experience with that drug or the diet would you mind emailing me.  Here are the rules for the low amylose diet

Rules for the Low Amylose Diet:
1. Avoid all simple sugars such as candy, sodas, cakes, pies, ice cream, juice, canned fruits, yogurt, condiments, etc. These are almost pure forms of glucose.
2. Avoid vegetables that are grown underground (potatoes, onions, carrots), corn and bananas, as well as foods enriched with maltodextrins or corn syrup. 

3. Avoid wheat, rice, rye, barley, and oats; including cereal, oatmeal, breads, pastas, etc.
4. Eat a minimum of 3 servings each of above-ground vegetables and fruits daily.
5. Eat at least 6 ounces of protein every day.
*Avoid low fat foods.
*Don't count calories!

I didn't see cookies mentioned with sweets so does that mean they are fair game? We won't tell anyone I made chocolate chip cookies for supper the other night. ha. I am sad I can't eat carrots, I eat them almost daily with hummus.  And I'm not sure if you caught on but french fries are made from potatoes. I do love sweet tea but we don't make it at home because we drink the whole container in a matter of hours and I don't eat french fries very often.  I think the hardest will be the wheat, rice, rye, barley, oats thing.  Oh and bananas.  I thought well I will just go back to smoothies everyday for breakfast since I can't do cereal/oatmeal but then I can't have a banana in my smoothie.  What is a smoothie without a banana, I guess it is like an ovary without an egg?  I had my last banana smoothie today.  For all that I will miss I did start to feel better when I found this Pinterest board.  This youtube video explaining the diet also has a lot of suggestions for food.

We haven't been given much hope of getting pregnant without being in a dr office.  I tried Clomid and the only thing I got from it were cysts.  I had those and some endo removed in April.  We've been putting IUI treatments off because of timing issues but also because we aren't "there" yet.  Plus maybe I can loose some of the weight I put on while growing those lovely ovarian cysts.

I am going to do as much of the diet as I can right now but I am making a big batch of homemade salsa tonight so I have to eat that with chips, but really I could just drink salsa so I may try that.  I am also making some homemade pesto so I am having a farewell pasta dinner with it.  I am headed to the beach in a couple of weeks so I know I will cheat there because honestly part of the fun of the beach is the food.  

I also came across a blog talking about the book The Metabolism Miracle and it sounds like I have many of the symptoms of Metabolism B.  That diet has some of the same characteristic of the Low Amylose diet.  I may at least read that book to see what is up in the Met B world.  Ugh so confusing.  I felt sorry for myself for a couple of hours then realized it could be much worse. 

So anyway if you are still here I hope you found those few paragraphs extremly boring and all of those words foreign.  I try to keep this an upbeat place because no one wants to hear the whinings of me and believe it or not I am a pretty private person.  But if you are going through the same thing and want to reach out or for me to tell my story on the blog I don't mind, just let me know if there is interest in that.

If you need me I'll be eating a box of brown sugar snuggling with Wedgina.
I haven't talked to my dr about this yet so I'm not sure what his thoughts are.  I will at least try the diet on my own.  When I told Eric about it he was like RECORDSKREECHSAYWHAT?!  He thinks it is extreme torture to not be able to eat a few of these foods, but I think it is better than the alternative. 


Deborah said...

Hi Vanessa---I read your blog because I love your crafting ideas and I like your writing's been about a year now that I've been reading and I don't know you in real life, but I do care about you! I just wanted to say that I hope the low amylose diet works for you. I have a friend with PCOS and she lost 40 pounds and then was able to get pregnant---totally never thought she could and it was a surprise and she is very excited. It can happen! Good luck and enjoy the beach too!

Farrah said...

Have you read about the Paleo/Primal diet? Its sounds similar. If you google Paleo+PCOS you can read some success stories. I've been doing some reading for myself and I'm just about to give it a go.

PicturePerfectPixies said...

Well hello fellow Cyster! Sister, get it! I am bummed you have this too. I just wanted to give you encouragement. I have two kids and have PCOS. They are "far apart" almost 6 years. I had trouble conceiving as well. I have found that my cycles come more regularly if I eat fresh and reduce stress. I never cut out any food group. But, I understand drastic measures may be needed to kick start your body. I wish you luck and hope you find what works for your body!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog! When you post new stuff I have a "yay" moment =) Have you been told that you need to lose weight in order to help your condition? You look strong and healthy and not the least bit heavy. I have a friend who had the same issue you did. She didn't need to lose weight but was told to eat healthy and fresh (which it seems like you do). She was also put on Clomid for a few cycles and bam-baby due in Jan.

I will keep you in my prayers. I know what it is like to want a baby and not be able to make it happen on your own time table. As an impatient person, it is so hard for me to wait on God's timing.

Your blog is a joy! Thank you for sharing your talents and fresh personality with all of us. Keep us updated on your journey =)


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

You are so cute in those pictures. Especially the first one where you made it in the basket. Adorable.

I am kinda with your husband about the diet. It definitely sounds extreme. But sometimes extreme things work. Thinking of you.

alanna rose said...

I'll be emailing you, as soon as I can a few minutes away from my kids :)

Natalie said...

Prayers V. I know it's hard to share personal things at times but everyone needs support, even if we don't realize it ;) cutting out food groups has never been on my list of favorite things, but have to agree that fresh and healthy living can't hurt anything! don't lose hope. If you're interested email me...I have a good friend who works for a doctor who specializes in infertility pertaining to endo. and pcos. Many success stories.

FormerBamaGirl said...

Hey Vanessa, It's Tamera "williams' I too was diagnosed with pcos 2yrs ago.I was placed on metformin 2000mg as well. I have not tried the diet you are speaking of but have cut out many white carbs and try to stick with things low on the glycemic index. We are hoping to start trying for children soon ourselves. Doctors/specialist have told me with proper diet and metformin that it increases chances of pregnancy to around 80% and even higher if combined with clomid + metformin. Hope this helps and God bless. ..P.s i hate the side affects of metformin though :((

Red Gate Farm said...

I hope this helps Vanessa! Although I'm not sure what is left to eat?! I'm sure that cutting out sugar, junk food, processed food can only make all of us healthier... but I'm not sure I can do without bananas and onions if I have to give up potatoes, pasta and bread!

Good luck and enjoy what is left of summer!

emily said...

That diet sounds crazy but I'm sure it will be worth trying!

I love that you named your club. Too funny!!

Keeping you in my prayers.

Karli @ RockyBella said...

Hi Vanessa,
Have you tried Clomid? I had the same, and Clomid worked fantastic for me. I never tried a diet though. I hope all goes well whatever you decide to do. That is a hard thing to deal with, I'm sorry.

Nikki said...

Gosh isn't summer flying by? Thought I'd stop by and say hi. Sucks you even have to be thinking of cutting out bananas for babies...that's bananas! ;) I don't know much about PCOS but like Farrah up there I've heard a lot of people living the paleo lifestyle end up knocked up after their dr. told them they could never have kids. In fact some people call it the pregnancy diet! Glad things are well otherwise. Hang in there, if I find twins to adopt I'll give you one ;0

lizzyhepp said...

I know first hand how frustrating PCOS is. I was diagnosed with it about 10 years ago. Luckily, before I was ready to have kids, so I was always prepared that getting pregnant would be difficult. Many women find out they have PCOS when they are trying to get pregnant, which makes the diagnosis that much harder.

My endocronologist put me on 1500mg of metformin, and I have taken it daily for the past 10years. She suggested I do a low-card diet, and that did help to lose the weight, but having PCOS makes it even harder to lose weight!!!

When it came time to try getting pregnant - that was a struggle. Never knew when I ovulated - and took a year of charting temp, etc. I swear being on the metformin is the the only reason why we have our beautiful little 1 year old boy. I did miscarry once before, and I think it was because I stopped the metformin once I got pregnant - and my body was more in shock from stopping the metformin than from being pregnant. Amazingly, I got pregnant right after miscarrying, and my OB told me to stay on the metformin for the entire pregnancy, that there were no side effects for the baby, and I delivered a beautiful, healthy, 9lb baby boy at 38 weeks.

It is very hard to get pregnant with PCOS, but it is possible!!! Get on that metformin and get busy!

Manddi said...

I have talked about this diet with my doctor, he felt it was a bit extreme. He advocates the low carb-not-no-carb lifestyle. Have you tried progesterone cream? I used a progesterone cream and was able to get pregnant twice (1 miscarriage and 1 daughter, now 4). Though we are struggling to conceive again now. Good luck!

Kate @ BoomerangMama said...

Hi there!

I'm a lurker on your blog and love the design stuff! But I saw this post and thought I would comment. Like several people above said, have you considered trying the paleo diet? If you google "paleo success PCOS" you'll find some great stories of others who were able to overcome PCOS to achieve a successful pregnancy. It does sound like an extreme diet at first, but it is such a healthy and lifelong way of eating. I've been eating that way for 3 years now and it helped balance some hormonal issues I was having. I truly believe it is the reason I was able to get pregnant and have a super healthy and easy pregnancy/labor. It's easier if you think of it as eating some meat, plenty of fruits and veggies, and healthy fats (nuts, avocado, olive oil, etc.) The Whole 30 (google it) is a great way to jump into this way of eating and get plenty of support along the way. Robb Wolf's book "The Paleo Solution" is a must read.

Best wishes, keep us all updated!

Brandon Shaw said...

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Krista Hauswald said...

What fruits do you avoid?

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