Monday, June 18, 2012


Several weeks ago I saw this photo on Pinterest and knew I had most pieces to this outfit. Top knot-check, pearls-check, gingham shirt-check, similar skirt-check,
nude shoes-check

being cool without trying-uncheck
Since it is summer I decided to go with my short sleeve gingham button up.  I wore nude flats for the photo but really I am wearing nude wedge sandals today and I HAD to add a belt! 

In other clothing related news, yesterday I bought a pair of shorts!  Now if you know me you know that I don't wear shorts, I will wear athletic shorts but regular shorts-no.  The rest of the time I wear dresses. 
I have issues with the top of my legs, I feel like they look like sausages in casing and usually the way shorts fall I just feel uncomfortable with all the attention to my thighs. Longer shorts look like culottes on me, ha culottes.
Yesterday we made one of our usual after church stops at Academy.  Do you have an Academy?  It is one of our favorite stores and for some reason I never feel bad about spending money there.  Oh you want those golf clubs? Ok just get them we are in Academy you know. 
Anyway Eric was off getting some spinner bait line (?) and I was occupying myself in the running skirt section when I decided to look at some real shorts.  I found a cute ikat pair and a chambray pair, then I got brave and tried them on.  Of course I had on some high heels so it made my legs not as jiggly but I even felt comfortable in flats.  I wore them grocery shopping yesterday and I think I am sold.  I may even go back for that chambray pair.

Have a great week,
Sausage Legs


emily said...

You are beyond cute in both outfits!!

Where did you find those shorts?

Kristin White said...

I totally agree in the no shorts thought! I hate the way my thighs look in them so I prefer to wear sun dresses or jeans.

skye @ neathering our fest said...

I love Academy! I secretly shoe shop there every once in a while. They have a random awesome shoe that I must have!

Those shorts are adorable and you are not alone in the sausage leg thinkin. I am so worried people look at me and think "doesn't she know what her legs look like??" You look adorable though!

Deborah said...

The shorts look great! I just bought some shorts at Salvation Army. I figured I could spend the $4 on them and not have buyer's remorse if they didn't work out.

Shelley said...

Totally random, Vanessa, but we were at the beach last week and guess who was at the pool where we were....Ryan Klesko and his family! His little boy played with Will for a long time. I spoke to his wife, but didn't say anything to him. I thought of you, though and knew you would want to know! I'll email you a picture! :)Love the shorts, by the way!

Kat said...

Never heard of Academy (maybe a Southern thing?) and you're ridiculous--if you're "sausage legs", then I need to throw away all my pairs of shorts. the "cool" pic--what a natural! And you're rockin' the ikat. All that running's paying off! I enjoy these outfit posts of yours:)

Rachel said...

Love Academy...wish we had one. I have to drive an hour to go, but I make the trip often because its so great! Love the shorts. You are way to hard on look great!!!

alanna rose said...

The shorts look great! I have no clue what Academy is, but they have great shorts :D

Hilary said...

I love your shorts and you look great in them!!

Beth said...

you look great! I am off to Academy. Thanks.

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