Friday, June 1, 2012

May In Review

Is it already time for this again?  Photos taken with 365 iphone app.

1.  summer cold?  2. thank God for insurance  3. a bird flew through my car and pooped 
4. super moon  5. best way to cool off after a hot run, Eric turning on the irrigation at the football stadium  6. green nails and pants 
7. finally shrimp for supper  8. baseball game buddy  9. claire looking so cute with her ear popped up  10. garden enemy but too cute to hate  11. headed home to north alabama 
12. chloe beth & rivers  13. we made gender reveal cookies for my sister-girl!  14. the lillies are so beautiful in bloom  15. running with friends  16. claire working on her tunnel system

17. we had to defrost the freezer and guess who had to reach behind the fridge and unplug it  18. new workout killed me  19. i love auburn  20. working on the deck resurfacing  21. remember twirl o paint?!  22. supper club  23. garden enemy's baby  24. the bean! 
25. wrigley field!  26. navy pier  27. goodbye Chicago  28. pool time  29. claire wanted a bed instead of her cave so she laid on top of it!  30. eric had to work late so we brought him a treat  31. may to done list!

Best part of May - our vacation.  Oh and I didn't wear that tie dyed shirt the whole month!


Nikki said...

I enjoyed trying to figure them all out. Gender reveal cookies were pretty tough. Congrats Auntie!

Nicole Prohaska said...

I love the lake house! What a beautiful lake. What lake is that?

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