Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Copper: Seven Years

Yesterday Eric and I celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary! We go with traditional wedding gifts and 7th is copper. Eric had this sweet copper bracelet waiting on me when I woke up.

I wanted to spring for some copper gutters for him (cough) but had to go with some copper yard art instead. If money was growing on that tree in the backyard and I had a new house I would have my eye on these pretties...

A little out of your anniversary gift price range too?  I am fond of these sweet tokens of affection also

Do y'all go with traditional/modern gift suggestions?  10th anniversary traditional gift is tin/aluminum.  I think we will go for the Modern gift suggestion: diamonds. Better start saving now.


Deborah said...

Happy anniversary!

emily said...

Happy anniversary!

I love the bracelet. One day I'll have a copper (or even white!) farm house sink. One day!! :)

alanna rose said...

Happy anniversary!
Such a pretty bracelet :) and that tub...I die.

We don't really do anniversary gifts...it'll be 9 this year, wonder what the gift options are?

Christy @ MCH PHOTOGRAPHY said...

Cute bracelet! Happy Anniversary

Rachel said...

Love your bracelet!!! Happy Anniversary!

Lets just build a house! said...

Soo pretty! I love copper range hoods and sinks too! Happy Anniversary!

Karen said...

Happy Anniversary Vanessa! Wow, what a sweet bracelet...love it! Your traditional gifts are awesome.

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