Tuesday, June 5, 2012

30th Birthday

I'm back and 30.  Eric and I decided to meet my parents for the weekend at their lake cabin since we didn't get to go over Memorial weekend like we usually do. 
Friday I received my first gift.  There is an older man that comes into my work and he will talk to me for hours.  Actually there are 3 men that will do that.  I've started hiding out in the bathroom when I see them drive up.  Anyway Friday he found out my birthday was the next day so before I left work he brought me a gift.  I had no clue what it really is or does but today I found some batteries and put them in and it plays "It's A Small World" and lights up.  He also invited me to spend next week with him in Branson, MO.  I told Eric he better step up his game! ha.

Since Friday was National Donut Day we had to make a stop at Krispy Kreme on the way to the lake.  This is my last picture in my 20's.  Yep I had to pull out the tie dye shirt, May was a long month without it.

The water was so clear that we could see the fish swimming.  My dad and Eric chased a school of bass all weekend but couldn't get them to bite. 

Look how cute this cabin is.  I wish I had my real camera so the picture was better but the tin roof, dark green paint and stained trim was perfect.

Look at Claire Belle swimming while Eric and my dad rebuild the deck.  I didn't even swim, it was pretty chilly all weekend. 

One last stop on the way home, Peach Park!  Peach cheesecake ice cream for me and a fried peach pie for Eric.  Have you ever stopped there?  It is on our must do for every summer drive up I-65.  If you are ever on I-65 between Montgomery, AL and Birmingham stop at exit 205 in Clanton for Peach Park.

So far 30 hasn't been bad, last night I ran my fastest mile 8:19 so maybe I am improving with age ;)
I remember on my 27th b'day I was grouting the bathroom floor, not too fun.  My 28th year I felt like my face really started to age, again not too fun.  My 29th year I had to deal with infertility, again not too fun.  But I slowly decided to give up control of that as I can only control it so much and I found (still finding) a peace about the whole thing.  I decided to focus on things I can control and had a great year.  We also had a lot of fun traveling and went to the beach 4 times and took two dream trips to New York and Chicago.
Ok the birthday talk is almost over, I'm having a party this weekend and can't wait! 


Malia said...

Happy Birthday! I'm jealous of your Krispy Kremes and Peach yumminess!

Kat said...

Glad you had a happy day:) Have fun this weekend--make sure to take lots of pics!

alison said...

Love your blog--Happy birthday and hoping for all good things for this year!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Happy, happy birthday! Here's to a fabulous 30th year!

Natalie said...

Happy birthday friend. Prayers for a productive and peaceful thirtieth year! You deserve it. That first sentence and the gift cracked me up :)

Karen said...

Happy 30th birthday dear girl! I am cracking up at the thought of you hiding in the bathroom from the old men...so funny.

I love your positive attitude and the wisdom you show (way beyond your years!). You are an inspiration for counting the blessings that you DO have and for accepting things as they are for now. Praying for strength for you to accept God's will, as you already are doing and that He will bless you with your heart's desires in the coming year.

Have a great party...and be sure and post some pictures!

Nikki said...

Happy 30th birthday! Looks like a fantastic weekend. I love Claire just swimming around by herself. Issy does that too.

I think life does get better in your 30's. I'm almost there and things look clearer and clearer.

Amanda Hodges said...

Happy Birthday to you! I enjoy your blog so much. Praying that this year, your issues with infertility will be a thing of the past. Best wishes for a wonderful, blessed year =)

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