Thursday, June 21, 2012

30th Birthday Party

This post is kind of all over the place, sorry.  So many details I want to remember.
So a couple of weekends ago I had my 30th birthday party.  It was a pretty last minute event.  You see I have high expectations of most things and if they don't go just like I imagined it usually ruins the whole memory for me.  I was afraid of that happening to my 30th birthday party.  But my friends talked me into going through with the party and I am happy they did!  Since I waited until the week before to throw everything together I sent out e-vites.  I made mine on

Eric worked so hard all week helping me get things ready.  He even surprised me by painting a big "30" for me in the backyard!   

It started raining during that photo.  I was bummed because we had planned an outdoor party.  Our yard looked great and Eric worked hard stringing Christmas lights around the trees.  I was imagining one of those picture perfect summer night parties.  I still got that just indoors.  For a few seconds it stopped raining, we moved the dj outside and I set up one of the tables.  Then it started to rain again, back inside we went.

One of the reasons we planned for an outdoor party was the fact that we had 26 people coming and there was no way we all could have fit into my house.  My living room is 13x13, dining room 12x10 and kitchen about 4x10. ha!  
With a realistic look at the radar we decided to move everything inside about 30 minutes before the party started.  Our sofa and chair were moved into the breezeway and everything else was piled in the bedrooms.  My tables with vintage sheets and hydrangeas would have looked so adorable outside but they worked just fine in my living room. 
We could only fit 2 tables in the living room so everyone else hung out in the kitchen or during the rain breaks the guys were outside. See Claire on the couch in the breezeway, she was so confused.

For decoration I made accordion flowers for the brick wall in the backyard to put behind the dj.  The photo collages were going to cover up a window.  They worked perfect in the dining room to cover up the nail holes from the plates I took down so they wouldn't get knocked off the wall.  We were in such a hurry I slapped them up with packing tape and then went back over that with japanese masking tape so they wouldn't look too junky.  I think it turned out pretty cute for our last second effort.  I also used the japanese masking tape around the clear plastic cups to dress them up a bit. 

(the big accordion flowers are made from wrapping paper. the kind with grids on the back make it so easy to fold!)

For favors I gave out candy bags with some of my favorite childhood candy -candy cigarettes, pixie stix, cry baby gum, fire balls and tootsie pops.

I wanted some kind of entertainment so everyone wouldn't just stand around and talk.  I love karaoke so we hired a dj come that brought his karaoke equipment.  I wish I had gotten him to start a little later because by the time everyone loosened up it seemed like it was time for him to go.  When I booked him I was worried about noise ordinances, but since we had to sing inside that wouldn't have mattered.  boo.

Regardless the karaoke was so fun and I think that everyone else enjoyed it.  

Some of the songs I can remember that were sung were Crazy, Dilemma, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Call Me Maybe, Friends In Low Places, Thank God I'm A Country Boy (performed perfectly by Eric!), Sweet Home Alabama, Santeria, Whatcha' Say, Strokin' & Lets Get It On were hysterically performed by Eric & Joe.  Ghetto Cowboy was highly requested by dj didn't have it :( 
Dang I've got to make a cd with all these cool jams.

My friend Lindsay made my birthday cake, LL Cool Cakes for anyone local needing a sweet treat.  I knew the first time I saw the cover of BHG May 2012 I knew I had to have that pink lemonade cake.  My Nana always made me a lemonade pie for my birthday so it was perfect.  The cake was beautiful and tasted amazing!  Wish Bear, Bedtime Bear and Good Luck Bear adorned the top.

I didn't get a photo of the food but we had pulled pork and chicken sliders with cute little flagged toothpicks to match the accordion flowers.  I made Alabama White Sauce for the chicken and Sweet-and-Tangy Tomato BBQ sauce for the pork.  We also had pasta salad, Grandma Gwen's Beans, and Chipotle-Cilantro Slaw.  For the "girls" drink I mixed lemonade with Blueberry flavored Vodka.  So simple and good.

I am so thankful for those sweet friends that came to my party.  It was a tight squeeze but hopefully worth getting a babysitter?  Semi organized chaos at best.  We were still moving furniture and food around at party time so I still had on my work clothes when people arrived.  I didn't get to wear the right jewelry or paint my nails like I had hoped but at least I liked my dress.  Also thank you to my sister Angie and brother-in-law Joe for all your help!  And Eric too, you are so cool xo.


Karen said...

Vanessa it looks like a very fun night! Hope you had great time and a very happy 30th! All the best for another year of awesomeness.

(your invitation was adorable...such a cute picture!)

Kat said...

What a fun night! Love the invites, and your decorations. And your hair is so long...don't know if I realized that before. You'll just have to save your outdoor party for later--it looked like it was the perfect set-up.

emily said...

What an awesome party!! I loved all of your details too. That invite was precious.

Kristine in WA said...

Way to roll with it and not get all worked up over your plans being changed by the rain! It all comes down to good friends and good times. Happy 30th!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Happy Birthday! What a great party!

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