Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rug Help

Congrats to Alanna for winning the FOE Hair Tie giveaway!  Thanks to all who entered.

For some reason I always have a huge list of to dos in May.  This year is no different.

Thankfully I got started on this list last weekend so I've got a good chunk knocked out and hope to get a big chunk knocked out this weekend as well.  There are a few things that I don't want to do at all so I don't know if they will get finished, maybe I should make those my priority?

Anyway on of the items on the list is to put felt under the dining room rug.  You see my rug is jute and it sheds under the rug.  Does your natural fiber rug do this too?

See how there is a powder dust and junk along with those those lines on the hardwood?  The above photo is the side that vacuum under about once a month.  The below photo, I only vacuum about twice a year under that side.

I thought if I bought felt (on the bolt) and put it under the rug then it would protect my floors from the dust and lines.  I hate the spongy rug pads, they always melt or stick and damage the hardwood floor. 
But my question is do you know how to get those lines off of my hardwood left by the rug?  The top photo where I actually vacuum under the rug, I also mop it too and the lines stay.  Do you think I should give it some elbow grease?  Any ideas, google had none for me.


Malia said...

Maybe Orange Glo? Can't say I've ever used it, but I'm pretty sure it's the commercial I'm thinking of where the guy is saying it cleans and fills in the scratches!

Red Gate Farm said...

I'd probably start with Murphy's oil soap... it can do wonders on wood. When we were working in our rental house my husband did a ton of sheet rock work, then the sanding and mudding (or mudding and sanding?)... anyway some of the doors were those "70's" style mahogany flat doors and the sheet rock/plaster dust stuck to them like glue... wiping them, vacuuming them, scrubbing them didn't work but the Murphy's oil soap took it all off and doesn't harm wood.

Good luck and what a great idea about felt under the rug! I have a rug in the living room that is wool and doesn't need to have a foamy, sticky pad to stay in place... I'm planing to repaint my floors this summer and I think I'll try felt when I put my rug back!


Kristen S said...

I think its more of an issue that there's no airflow, and the natural product of the rug contains a bit of moisture. It's like leaving a wet mug on a wood table, but in a lesser sense.
I would suggest taking the rug up for a few weeks, and giving the area a good steam mopping and then using some sort of restoring cleaner/polish. Something with a bit of orange oil, althou beware of waxes and the such, as you can often not get the product back off easily.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

We have a grass cloth rug in our dining room and have the same problem!! Let me know if you find a good solution. It drives me crazy.

Natalie said...

Aw man I hate i just now checked this and didn't get to enter your giveaway. I love those things and have a friend who makes them on the cheap, too. As for your rug, i can't help you :( all the natural fiber rugs I order for clients come with a hardwood safe backing and if not I just use a traditional felt-ish rug pad. Good luck!

Seashellweddings said...

Martha Stewart just had this same problem in her home. She ended up carpeting over the ruined wood. Martha said it was the result of a improperly backed area rug. They always should have a pad underneath. I think you probably should call a hardwood installer and ask them to come out and take a look. Good Luck let us know how it turns out!

Nikki said... might have to refinish it. If Martha couldn't fix it I don't know who can! What about an eraser? I realize it will take a ton of them but it's worth a shot.

Hallie said...

This same thing happened in our apartment with the same rug from Ikea. It was terrible. We have faux hardwoods and the marks are still there. Not to mention, the rug broke down horribly and we had piles of dirt underneath the rug. Our solution: throwing the rug away, buying a flat weave wool rug and proper rug pad. I will probably never buy a jute/sisal rug again, but if I do it will be one with proper backing! Very disappointed with Ikea on this one. In all fairness, in the instructions for this rug it says to use a rug pad, although it says to do that for safety reasons- not because it will damage your floor.

Lindsay Murray said...

I live in house from the 50's with original and never refinished wood floors. Needless to say they are not perfect. I've started to clean and polish them with some homemade recipes and they have never looked better, plus my rug pad marks have disappeared.
1 gallon warm water
1/4 cup borax
1/2 teaspoon mild liquid dish soap
Mix equal parts olive oil and white vinegar

The first time I used the polish I had to use a lot, the wood seemed to soak it all up, but they now look like they have new life. No longer dull and colorless, they are shiny once again.

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