Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Jute Rug Marks Non-Solution

Thanks for the suggestions last week on my hardwood floor/jute rug situation.  I didn't get the marks off but I did put a piece of felt under the rug to hopefully prevent more marks and keep the floor cleaner under the rug.

This is how the floor looked after I pulled up the rug.  It was pretty dusty and dirty and you can see exactly where the marks are. 

Per suggestion I had considered using Murphey's Oil Soap to try to get the marks off, it looked like it would work. But then per suggestion I started reading that you should never use it on your hardwood floors because it makes them super hard to refinish. So I tried vinegar with a paper towel. It worked the best out of everything but I was worried with it being straight up vinegar. So I watered it down and it didn't work as well. Then I tried Orange Glo floor cleaner because that is what I always use. It didn't do anything but clean up the floor. I finally gave up. I don't want the floors to be marked but I will always have a rug in that room to cover the marks. This is what the marks looked like after I cleaned with Orange Glo and then used the Orange Glo 4-in-1 system which I love. 

To protect my floor in the future and keep it a little cleaner I decided I needed something under the rug.  I didn't want one of those squishy mesh rug pads, they seem to stick and ruin hardwood floors.  So I went the cheap and easy option, felt.  I bought it at Hobby Lobby for $5 a yard.  The bolt is 72" wide so I just needed 2 1/2 yards.  I laid the felt down and cut around the rug. 

Before the felt the rug never moved, I expected the same after the felt because of the rug size.  But it does move if I pull on it and if it weren't for the table and chairs it would move around.  Maybe a felt/rubber rug pad would be the solution? 

I could not believe how much my rug has discolored over the past year.  You can't tell unless you look at the back of the rug.  Can you see where the table legs were?
While I didn't come up with a good solution at least my floor is clean?  If it were my living room or a room that can be rearranged I would be a little more concerned with the pattern left on the floor, but in here the rug will always cover it up. 
I have a love/hate relationship with these floors anyway.  I am so thankful to have hardwood throughout the whole house.  But I hate the fact that the previous owners put a coat of poly over the floors without sanding or cleaning them.  There is paint and other junk trapped under the poly.  Hopefully we will be able to refinish the floors if we stay in this house for a few more years.  Have you ever refinished your wood floors while living in the house?  I guess we would essentially move out since every room is hardwood?


Pine Tree Home said...

Total bummer. Have you tried a little Joy dish soap and warm water? I use that to clean my hardwood floors. Try it in a little spot and see if it does anything.

Malia said...

Well glad to hear your floors are at least Super clean. When I was younger and my parents had the floors refinished (only two rooms) I moved out (slept over at a friends house) for the smell alone, my parents actually stayed. More recently I had friends refinish pretty much their whole house and they did stay at a hotel for the duration.

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

If nothing else, at least you have a super clean floor under your rug. That's more than I can say. :)

Nikki said...

I should probably clean under my rug more often ;) For awhile I was using this arm and hammer pet powder when I vacuumed...whelp...it's all under the rug now!

Natalie said...

For my bound carpet in my den I bought carpet padding by the yard from a carpet store. It works great and doesn't stick or move. And it's cheap. Yes we refinished our floors recently and had to move in with my parents for a week! So worth it though

Red Gate Farm said...

EEK! I'm glad you researched my Murphy's oil soap suggestion! I also agree with the rubber rug pads... mine definitely stick to my floors but that's ok since they are old, painted and not in great shape. I may still use your felt idea for my living room rug since it is under larger furniture I don't think it would move too much...


vintagevioletstyle said...

We refinished our floors ourselves two years ago. Since we used regular poly and not the low VOC stuff (don't know how much that stinks), and I was pregnant at the time, we moved in with my parents for two weeks. One week for my husband and dad to do the work, and then another week for the floors to harden and the house to air out. One thing I didn't expect, some of the food in our fridge and pantry took on a polyurethane taste from the fumes. It seemed to mainly be in things that contained fat. So, my flour, sugar, pasta, and canned goods were fine, but I had to pitch butter, nuts, and things like that. So worth it though. The floors look great and I know someday it will really help us sell our house.

Anonymous said...

Pine Tree Home, I also had a similar problem with my floor a few months ago and that suggestion of yours worked for me, although the marks on my floor weren't as obvious as those in the first picture. The Murphy's oil soap is new to me, though. I'm going to give it a try next time.

Kendra Dennis @ ChuDitch.com.au

Blanca Douglas said...

It was a good idea that you put a pad between the rug and the floor. Your rug seems like it's made from rough material, which could leave some marks on your hardwood floors. Also, you have to clean the surface from time to time. That way, the dirt would not accumulate and help roughen the smooth texture of the floors. All the best!

Blanca Douglas @ Safe Clean

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