Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Chicago In Lots Of Pics

Finally my Chicago trip.  This post is full of photos and words that only our family could appreciate, but feel free to scroll on through.  Don't say I didn't warn y'all.

First things first, we stayed at The Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel.  It was in a great location.  Right by the subway, river, Millennium Park and shopping.  We felt very safe there and Eric even let me shop while he went to the room to rest.  I bought the room on for only $130 a night, through the hotel it would have been $247 a night!  For a 4 star hotel during a holiday weekend we got a great deal.  Check out for some tips on winning hotel rooms. 
We got into town a few hours before check in so we were just going to drop off our luggage but they had a room ready so they let us check in.  We loved our room it was huge and comfy.

We had a corner room on the 22nd floor and this was our view.  You could see Millennium Park as well as the lake.

Finally got my Chicago dog.

The first night we were in Chicago we decided to head to the Willis (Sears) Tower.  It was around sunsetish time so we were able to see the city during the day and at night.  There was a big race going on down on the street so it was fun to watch that. 

While we were up in the Willis Tower I spotted the Flamingo sculpture from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  I was so excited when we happened to walk up on it after supper.

We aren't really food people so my only requests were Chicago hot dogs and Chicago pizza.  Check on both of those.  Eric doesn't eat cheese on pizza so I had a little pan sized one.  It was so good and cheesy but not as thick as the full sized pizzas.

The next day we made the trip out to Wrigley Field.  This tour was the only thing we had scheduled for the trip. 
Eric was so excited the whole time.  This is how he stands at work, I think he was thinking about swapping his orange and blue work shirts for red and blue work shirts, and then we remembered anything under 65* is too cold.

I think this was our favorite part of the trip.  We also ate at a diner and explored Wrigleyville after the tour which was fun. 

Billy Goat Tavern. ugh, I have no idea why E is smiling.  I think if I had the choice of eating ham (my least fav food) or Billy Goat Tavern I would choose ham all the time.

Boat tour at sunsetish

I spent a lot of time looking up at the buildings.  They are just so amazing.  As was the American Girl doll store.  Where we managed to walk out with only a couple of things for my niece.  I wanted a doll so bad, they had one that looked just like me.  And you can get their ears pierced!

I skipped out on the look alike doll, but I did end up buying something for myself for my 30th bday.  A Longchamp Le Pliage purse is about as nice as I will ever own and if you know me you know it was a big deal for me to spend money on myself.  I mean I agonized all weekend if I should buy a $19 shirt at Forever 21.  I bought it :)

We visited Sue.  I was really disappointed in her size.  I thought she would be huge. 

We also visited Solider Field.  As we were walking to the museum we saw a ton of runners and it turned out there was a Finish On The 50 race that morning at Solider Field.  The very race I didn't get to run in Auburn because of my surgery.  When I was planning our trip I even looked for races in Chicago and didn't see this one, we were so bummed out.  Probably a good thing though, we ended up walking over 7 miles on Saturday. ouch.

When we got back from the museum on Saturday we couldn't get to our hotel because of the Memorial Day parade.

Even though I didn't get to ride on a float or sing, I will count this as a Ferris Bueller moment.

Then we shopped some more and rested before we went to Navy Pier.
Somehow we always wind up at McDonald's on vacation.  So where did we HAVE to eat at Navy Pier, McDonald's.  Oh and no the sweet tea in Chicago isn't sweet tea!

on the ferris wheel

That's the run down of our Chicago trip.  Besides the fact that Eric couldn't find the "perfect" Cubs shirt and Billy Goat Tavern we had an amazing time.  
The weather was a nice treat.  Chicago was having record high temps but when we stepped off the plane in Alabama you couldn't even breathe because the humidity was so thick. 
We thought the public transportation was easier to use in Chicago than New York.  We used the Chicago Way app a lot and Google Maps helped a ton with the transit system.  There were a few other transit related apps that helped out.   
We still have a lot that we want to do in Chicago, we hope to get to return one day and explore some of the neighborhoods. Maybe after they get a Shake Shack?


Rachel said...

Love all of your pictures! Glad you guys had a great trip!!!

emily said...

Looks like a blast. I love Chicago!

Your blue striped dress is adorable! Good for you for buying that purse.

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