Sunday, April 1, 2012

March In Pictures

March Roundup. Photos taken on my iphone and uploaded in the My365 app.

1. Eric's fav blooms 2. headed to the beach 3. rain at the beach 4. morning run 5. cutie Claire 6. yoga time 7. moon
8. beautiful lunch break 9. trying out Chipotle
10. 1st run of baseball 11. at the farm 12. when I grow up
13. grow 14. GiGi's for CB 15. where we met
16. backyard in bloom

17. stripping hall trim 18. flower boxes 19. pretty run downtown 20. hot dog night 21. back to the vet 22. supper club at my house 23. puppy chow 24. cold swim 25. super Baron 26. too much sun 27. sandcastles on the sandbar 28. impromptu walk to the stadium 29. azaleas in bloom 30. dying green for mud run 31. after mud mania


m @ random musings said...

what a cute app! I'm on my linux box right now, but it seems all the info is in japanese - is it well supported in the english version?

emily said...

Neat app!

How did you like Chipotle? Your flowers are beautiful!

hartmom said...

So fun to see all your pictures! You've had a busy month!

Beautiful memories...

Nikki said...

I love how claire is watching the yoga pose...dogs must think we're crazy!

Back to the vet?! Is it an absess?

Kat said...

I'm jealous of your beach time! Looks like your mud race was successful;)

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