Monday, March 19, 2012

More On That Jasmin

I didn't mean to disappear last week but I've gotten pretty good at that lately. I am back today and feeling productive. The temps are in the high 80's here which makes it pretty hot, especially for March but I love it. All of the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming out and even our pecan tree has leaves. The old rule is once the Pecan trees start to leaf out it is safe to plant your garden. Super excited about that.

green grass and lots of weeds!

For all of you jealous of our hot temps just know that a cloud of pollen is swarming. While the pollen cloud was out this weekend we worked a bit inside the house. I started stripping the paint off of the door trim in the hallway. Why do I get myself into those sort of things?!?!?!?!?! We also made a repair to our kitchen counter tops and I made a little video, now if I get the courage to post we will see.

I had several questions about the Confederate Jasmin we are growing up our front columns. I don't know a ton about it but I do think it is more of a southern vine. It is fast growing when given something to climb around and doesn't have little "sticker" feet that some vines and ivy have. CJ is an evergreen that has sweet white flowers that bloom out and there is another type of Jasmine vine with yellow flowers.

Like I've said it grew like crazy on our trellis at the mailbox and we have to trim it often. The columns not so fast but there wasn't anything to weave in and out of. My friend Hannah had beautiful CJ growing up her cedar columns and we have a neighbor with the yellow Jasmin that has gone crazy growing up their rough cedar columns so maybe that helps.

This picture was taken last Monday

and look how many babies the vines have had. If you look closely you can see one of my hooks has already come off but they are still working where I need them to train the vine up. When the vine reaches the top I will probably take the hooks off.

Last Week

This week

The plants are planted below the columns and there is a tiny trellis that starts the vines.

We have a ton of chain link fence in the back yard that we are thinking of covering with Confederate Jasmin. For only $7 a plant at Lowe's it is a pretty good deal but $7 x 1 million plants isn't a good deal so I think we are going to try rooting some of the vine ourselves. Update on that coming in 2015.


Rachel said...

I have never heard that little rule about the pecan trees/garden! I have all of my seeds, but I've been nervous about planting because I've been afraid we will have a frost.

We have the yellow jasmin on an arbor in our back yard. Its going crazy right now. I've always heard a little saying about vines...the first year they sleep...the second year they creep...and the third year they leap. Thats been true for our jasmin. :)

hartmom said...

Wow that's a lot of growth in such a short period. It's looking lovely and I'm sure now it will go crazy. Great idea using the 3m hooks. Hope all is well in Alabama!


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