Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lunch this week is...

It seems like I am always writing about lunch on here. Well lunch is my favorite time of the day because Eric and I both go home and on beautiful days like today we eat outside.
Plus I've got a new food to try for lunch to help us get out of the lunch rut. Tuesday night I made a big batch of Cheesy Chicken & Rice Bake to eat on all week. I used greek yogurt and cut the cheese to 1/2 a cup. I forgot to buy black beans (THE story of my life) but it turned out just fine.
Oh and ps did you know that you can shred chicken in your blender? Life changer right there.

For dessert I had an apple sandwich. Cored apple slices and pb, sometimes chocolate chips.

This last picture cracks me up because it looks like I took it with a major zoom lens sitting in a bird's nest 3 miles away. iphone major zoom at its best.

Do you notice a running theme? A begging dog!


Dara M. said...

I was thinking to my self how cute it was that Claire was watching you eat in all of the pics, haha. I know how that goes. I was just telling the hubs this week that I wish we had a table outside so we could eat lunch out there. It's just been such great weather!

Rachel said...

I love that recipe! Yummm!

Red Gate Farm said...

Love Claire begging in every shot! And I'll be passing the shredding chicken in the blender to my daughter.... she uses it in everything!

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

Did you know you can shred chicken using your KitchenAid mixer?? Just cook it, put it in the mixing bowl while still hot, and turn it on to "level" 4-6 for 20-30 seconds. Perfectly shredded chicken! :)

Nikki said...

You guys have dessert at lunch time too! So lucky.

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