Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How The Beach Looks In March

Well I'm back from my little beach vacay with a group of girls from Sunday School. Fitting 11 girls into one condo proved to be a great weekend.

It rained all day Saturday and felt more like we were in the mountains instead of the beach. I took this picture in the car because with the grey sky the dunes looked like snow piled up on the side of the road.

Since it was raining we went shopping at the outlet mall where I had to buy a sweater to stay warm. $10 for a green cardigan at Loft, sold! I did see these rugs in TJ Maxx and thought about getting one for the hall bathtroom but changed my mind, too big.

In one of the stores we went in there was a huge table of flat fold remnants. I started to sweat when my friend called me over because I was overwhelmed with the beauty of designer fabrics for only $5 a yard!!! I just made new bedding for the 3rd time in 3 years but I had to talk myself out of buying fabric to make all new bedding again.

Here is some more of the fabric I was sweating over. I did take home the grey on the left. No clue what will become of it, maybe fabric for a boy's nursery.

I grabbed 2 yards of Portfolio Textiles Bansuri Slate ($33.50 yd) aka Toscana Ikat Slate ($38.oo yd) from Ballard Designs for only $5 a yard!!!!!!! I tried to get someone to take home the ikat on the right (same style different colorway) but no takers.

After a rainy Saturday, Sunday turned out to be beautiful.

The loaner in me enjoyed a run on the beach alone in the cool sunshine. When I was younger my sisters and cousins and I found a ton of big unbroken sand dollars in the ocean. Eric is always skeptical of the story so it has turned into a joke for me to find a sand dollar. Last summer I finally found him a baby sand dollar and this time as a joke he told me to find him another one. When I loaded this picture today I noticed a baby sand dollar that isn't broken. Can you find it? Ok give up it is about 1/4 down the picture above my right shoe. I am so upset I didn't notice when I was at the beach.

After breakfast we tried to enjoy some sun but the wind had other plans and pelted us with sand. We wrapped it up and came home.

Honestly I was a little nervous about going for several reasons. I am friends with a few of the girls but some I didn't know. It wasn't a problem at all, I loved being around my friends that I don't get to spend a lot of time with and I loved getting to know new people. I was also a little nervous about being the only one in the group without kids. I love a good funny kid story but I can't really relate to a lot of mom things. Again not a problem I didn't really feel like there was too much mom talk. One last thing I was nervous about was having to do a lot with a group. I like to be around people but I am also a loner and can only entertain or be entertained for so long before I get ill. Once again not a problem we hung out as a group but then did our own things. All of my fears were invalid, therapy sessions from the rolling waves are the best.


Kat said...

I hear ya with "mommy stories". It annoys me (and I'm a mom) when ladies go on and on about their birthing experience (that's the worst!), kids, etc. Good for you if you were in labor for 37 hours with no pain killers...woo-hoo. Ugh...I'm getting annoyed just thinking about it.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend away. I sure could use one of those now! (P.S. I wanna see your sweater.)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Those fabrics are fabulous! What awesome scores! And what baby boy nursery are you speaking of? Did I miss something?

Glad you had a good time! I would have had the same anxieties, but I'm happy they were unfounded.

Red Gate Farm said...

What a fun weekend... sun, sand, shopping, shells and NO snow! And that fabric is unbelievable... how lucky are you :)!


PS we don't have "shell" beaches like this but we have tons of sand dollars if you ever make it up to Washington!

Rachel said...

Those fabrics are awesome!!! Glad you had a great weekend.

Emily said...

Wow, you really got an amazing deal on that fabric. Good for you! I love the gray, I can't wait to see what you end up doing with it!

Nikki said...

winter beach weekends are my fave! Glad you had a good time despite your reservations. Are you feeling refreshed and hopeful? The beach always does that to me.

hartmom said...

Vanessa you and I are so much alike. I too enjoy my alone time and worry about group situations that go on for too long. And even though I am a mom, I do not enjoy most kid stories. So I'm very happy for you that you faced a couple of little worries and that you ended up having a good time.

And OMG, that fabric! It would have been hard not to buy it all! The ones you pictured...to die for!!! Awesome job showing some restraint :)

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