Thursday, March 1, 2012

February In Review

In January I decided to start the photo a day or 365 project. (I just loaded that post and backdated it to Feb 1st.) I started with my camera but then got lazy so I switched over to phone pictures. I downloaded the app my365 to keep track of everything. I've enjoyed it so far even though my pictures are boring and I often forget to be creative, but tis my life. If you want a little more structure you can follow this guide.

{1} long hair {2} our dinner dates {3} meeting Rivers {4} scrubbing the floor {5} grout cleaner ruined the finish on my countertop {6} bubbles {7} momma g's new cups {8} my fav for the week {9} hot chocolate {10} tie dye shirts {11} mani by CB {12} lunch @ nana's {13} bloodwork {14} v-day {15} lazy {16} v-day card from e's parents

{17}bedtime w/ claire {18} watching The Bodyguard {19} mexican girl date {20} bible study {21} mardi gras on our run {22} welcome home {23} supper time {24} e finished the new testament {25} 5k {26} cutting e's hair {27} packing {28} mr penny's corner {29} lunch


Deborah said...

Just wanted to say hi and I love your posts!

JJB said...

I have yet to take on a project like this because I, too, am afraid that all of my photos would look similar. But, looking at yours, it's still a really cool snapshot of your life right now!

Nikki said...

Before I read your captions...I thought that might be a butt print on your counter ;) What a great idea. I should try the app free? I'm cheap.

Malia said...

Love the layout of pictures! How did you set it up like a calendar?

vanessa said...

@ Deborah- thanks so much, I write them just for you ;)

@ JJB- I feel like my pics are all similar but they are still fun to look back at. Hopefully in a few years I will enjoy looking back at how quiet our life was in 2012!

The My365 app is already set up in calendar form so it makes it super easy.

Kat said...

I'm jealous of #6--I haven't had one in years!! Soon...I keep telling myself. Not jealous of #13.

hartmom said...

Very clever! Love it.

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