Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Check Shirt

Popping in from the beach to tell y'all about this great deal I found at Target. In the boys clothes section the Cherokee navy check shirt is on sale for $3.88! I'm sure it doesn't fit or look as great as the J. Crew check shirt, but for under $4 you could easily have it taken in.

See my feet, a little too much sun on the first day so I had to shop the next morning instead of play in the sand.
I bought a large and it fits great, I don't think I will be doing any alterations. It is long enough to tuck in (like I have it here) and there isn't a big gap in the button chest area.

Hope you find one on sale!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Puppy Chow

With cereal, peanut butter, chocolate chips and powdered sugar in my house it only means one thing: I'm headed to the beach!

If you want to enjoy my favorite treat introduced to me at the beach by my aunt Judy circa 1996 all you do is melt together 1/2 cup of peanut butter and 1 cup of chocolate chips. Add the box of cereal and stir until all is coated. Put cereal into a big bag and add 1 1/2 cup of confectioners sugar to coat. I add a little at a time or else you have big sugar cloud. Best served with a side of sand.

Maybe my nephews will eat it this year, in the past they have refused to eat it because I called it puppy chow. haha. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Is anything interesting ever posted on the power poles in your town? I would laugh so hard if I saw this on a phone pole
or this!!

Last summer someone put these signs up in my neighborhood of missing cat Banana. Almost a year later they are still up. Sadly I don't think Banana is still around, there have been several coyotes spotted in the neighborhood so things don't seem good for Banana.

Last week someone decided to be snarky and add something to the sign.

I know it isn't funny, more sad we about died when we saw it. I wonder who took the time to type out and tape the new text to the sign. I noticed yesterday it was gone but Banana's poster is still going strong.

Monday, March 19, 2012

More On That Jasmin

I didn't mean to disappear last week but I've gotten pretty good at that lately. I am back today and feeling productive. The temps are in the high 80's here which makes it pretty hot, especially for March but I love it. All of the azaleas and dogwoods are blooming out and even our pecan tree has leaves. The old rule is once the Pecan trees start to leaf out it is safe to plant your garden. Super excited about that.

green grass and lots of weeds!

For all of you jealous of our hot temps just know that a cloud of pollen is swarming. While the pollen cloud was out this weekend we worked a bit inside the house. I started stripping the paint off of the door trim in the hallway. Why do I get myself into those sort of things?!?!?!?!?! We also made a repair to our kitchen counter tops and I made a little video, now if I get the courage to post we will see.

I had several questions about the Confederate Jasmin we are growing up our front columns. I don't know a ton about it but I do think it is more of a southern vine. It is fast growing when given something to climb around and doesn't have little "sticker" feet that some vines and ivy have. CJ is an evergreen that has sweet white flowers that bloom out and there is another type of Jasmine vine with yellow flowers.

Like I've said it grew like crazy on our trellis at the mailbox and we have to trim it often. The columns not so fast but there wasn't anything to weave in and out of. My friend Hannah had beautiful CJ growing up her cedar columns and we have a neighbor with the yellow Jasmin that has gone crazy growing up their rough cedar columns so maybe that helps.

This picture was taken last Monday

and look how many babies the vines have had. If you look closely you can see one of my hooks has already come off but they are still working where I need them to train the vine up. When the vine reaches the top I will probably take the hooks off.

Last Week

This week

The plants are planted below the columns and there is a tiny trellis that starts the vines.

We have a ton of chain link fence in the back yard that we are thinking of covering with Confederate Jasmin. For only $7 a plant at Lowe's it is a pretty good deal but $7 x 1 million plants isn't a good deal so I think we are going to try rooting some of the vine ourselves. Update on that coming in 2015.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Climbing Columns

For about 2 years I've been trying to get confederate jasmine to grow up our porch columns. When we planted it at our mailbox within a month the jasmine had grown up the lattice surrounding the mailbox. It has been a slow go on the porch columns. This photo was taken last July a year after the c.j. was planted it was just growing in circles.

We've tried different ways to give the jasmine something to grip on but the latest, fishing wire, wasn't cutting it. I picked up these Command Strips for cords on clearance at Target and I think they may be the winner.Unlike the staples I wanted to use, they don't damage the wood. And unlike the ugly netting that Eric wanted to use, they are virtually invisible.

See the only thing you notice in this photo is the pollen. If the confederate jasmine has grown this much since July I am hoping by the end of the summer the columns will be covered.

Anyone have any backup ideas if this doesn't work?

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Lunch this week is...

It seems like I am always writing about lunch on here. Well lunch is my favorite time of the day because Eric and I both go home and on beautiful days like today we eat outside.
Plus I've got a new food to try for lunch to help us get out of the lunch rut. Tuesday night I made a big batch of Cheesy Chicken & Rice Bake to eat on all week. I used greek yogurt and cut the cheese to 1/2 a cup. I forgot to buy black beans (THE story of my life) but it turned out just fine.
Oh and ps did you know that you can shred chicken in your blender? Life changer right there.

For dessert I had an apple sandwich. Cored apple slices and pb, sometimes chocolate chips.

This last picture cracks me up because it looks like I took it with a major zoom lens sitting in a bird's nest 3 miles away. iphone major zoom at its best.

Do you notice a running theme? A begging dog!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How The Beach Looks In March

Well I'm back from my little beach vacay with a group of girls from Sunday School. Fitting 11 girls into one condo proved to be a great weekend.

It rained all day Saturday and felt more like we were in the mountains instead of the beach. I took this picture in the car because with the grey sky the dunes looked like snow piled up on the side of the road.

Since it was raining we went shopping at the outlet mall where I had to buy a sweater to stay warm. $10 for a green cardigan at Loft, sold! I did see these rugs in TJ Maxx and thought about getting one for the hall bathtroom but changed my mind, too big.

In one of the stores we went in there was a huge table of flat fold remnants. I started to sweat when my friend called me over because I was overwhelmed with the beauty of designer fabrics for only $5 a yard!!! I just made new bedding for the 3rd time in 3 years but I had to talk myself out of buying fabric to make all new bedding again.

Here is some more of the fabric I was sweating over. I did take home the grey on the left. No clue what will become of it, maybe fabric for a boy's nursery.

I grabbed 2 yards of Portfolio Textiles Bansuri Slate ($33.50 yd) aka Toscana Ikat Slate ($38.oo yd) from Ballard Designs for only $5 a yard!!!!!!! I tried to get someone to take home the ikat on the right (same style different colorway) but no takers.

After a rainy Saturday, Sunday turned out to be beautiful.

The loaner in me enjoyed a run on the beach alone in the cool sunshine. When I was younger my sisters and cousins and I found a ton of big unbroken sand dollars in the ocean. Eric is always skeptical of the story so it has turned into a joke for me to find a sand dollar. Last summer I finally found him a baby sand dollar and this time as a joke he told me to find him another one. When I loaded this picture today I noticed a baby sand dollar that isn't broken. Can you find it? Ok give up it is about 1/4 down the picture above my right shoe. I am so upset I didn't notice when I was at the beach.

After breakfast we tried to enjoy some sun but the wind had other plans and pelted us with sand. We wrapped it up and came home.

Honestly I was a little nervous about going for several reasons. I am friends with a few of the girls but some I didn't know. It wasn't a problem at all, I loved being around my friends that I don't get to spend a lot of time with and I loved getting to know new people. I was also a little nervous about being the only one in the group without kids. I love a good funny kid story but I can't really relate to a lot of mom things. Again not a problem I didn't really feel like there was too much mom talk. One last thing I was nervous about was having to do a lot with a group. I like to be around people but I am also a loner and can only entertain or be entertained for so long before I get ill. Once again not a problem we hung out as a group but then did our own things. All of my fears were invalid, therapy sessions from the rolling waves are the best.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Beach Weekend

I made this cute little card using the Red Stamp app on my iphone. It is so fun to play with but with so many cute design and color combos it can be a little hard to decide. If colors is the only problem I've got today then I'll take it.
Have a great weekend! -V

Thursday, March 1, 2012

February In Review

In January I decided to start the photo a day or 365 project. (I just loaded that post and backdated it to Feb 1st.) I started with my camera but then got lazy so I switched over to phone pictures. I downloaded the app my365 to keep track of everything. I've enjoyed it so far even though my pictures are boring and I often forget to be creative, but tis my life. If you want a little more structure you can follow this guide.

{1} long hair {2} our dinner dates {3} meeting Rivers {4} scrubbing the floor {5} grout cleaner ruined the finish on my countertop {6} bubbles {7} momma g's new cups {8} my fav for the week {9} hot chocolate {10} tie dye shirts {11} mani by CB {12} lunch @ nana's {13} bloodwork {14} v-day {15} lazy {16} v-day card from e's parents

{17}bedtime w/ claire {18} watching The Bodyguard {19} mexican girl date {20} bible study {21} mardi gras on our run {22} welcome home {23} supper time {24} e finished the new testament {25} 5k {26} cutting e's hair {27} packing {28} mr penny's corner {29} lunch
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