Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend Update

How was your weekend? Ours was jam packed. It was nice to get out of town and have nothing to do. Even though it felt like every minute of our weekend was scheduled so we could fit it all in, it was nice to have family at each one of those stops!

First up we went to my nephews basketball game. Have you ever been to an 8 year olds' basketball game? It is so funny. It was a nail biter and went to the last second. Brooks scored 4 points!

B & B with their "Auburn" aunts & uncles.

I had to tie dye some shirts for our team to wear in an upcoming 5k and Brooks helped. He has wanted to learn how to tie dye "his whole life". It was pretty fun and now he is ready to tie dye some more shirts.
We also made the bouncy balls I mentioned Friday but I forgot to take pics. They worked out ok. The smaller the better. It was still cool to play with the borax and glue.

Eric's brother and his family also live in my hometown so we spent some time with them too! CB decided I needed my nails done. This was about 1/4 of the nail polishes she has!

With all of the choices, it was too hard for me to make a color selection. She decided I needed green with silver dots. It was stunning. We also played Play Doh. I used a metallic gold and made a pretty ring.

CB stamped the Dora pendant out of metallic silver Play Doh and I made the gold necklace and bracelet to wear them on. Pretty cool if I say so myself, but I should still keep my day job.

Of course with a week old baby around there was a lot of snuggling!

Yesterday was the main reason we all went home. Nana's Sunday Lunch. My Nana always made Sunday lunch but has recently "retired" from the position. She said the next time we all came home she would cook. It was such a special treat!!!!!!! Back then we could all fit at one table, now the fam has 5 more members we we had to split up. Baron assigns all of the seats.

My parents' dog Zeb also loves to go to Nana's on Sunday. He is 14 years old (!) and loves when we come home because he gets to go into our bedrooms. He loves to get a tan beside my bed.

We've developed a bad habit, stopping at Krispy Kreme donuts on the way home. But with all of that good food you have to load up on caffeine and sugar to stay awake for 3 1/2 hours. Who can resist heart donuts?!
Apparently not Claire

Ok so if you made it through all of that I have a trick for you. I forgot to take my camera home so I only have phone pics from the weekend. They are all pretty crappy, but Instagramed them to make it look like I took crappy pics on purpose.
Did you know that you can use Instagram on "airplane mode" and it won't publish pics to your feed? One thing I didn't like about Instagram was that every pic I wanted to "edit" was published and I didn't want all of them published. Now it isn't a problem. This is how your "feed" will look. The pic won't show up on the live feed but it is in your phone pictures!

Did you already know the airplane mode Instagram trick, am I living under a rock?


emily said...

Sounds a like a wonderful weekend! I'm pretty sure your neice needs too into the salon buisness already!!!

I just recently learned the instagram trick. So nice not to have all the edite pics on my feed.

Nikki said...

Fun! I pulled out the borax the other day and thought of you. Think my 3 year old nephew is too young for bouncy balls?

I didn't even know instagram had a feed...huh.

Kat said...

I'm the one living under a rock since I know nothing about it for iphone users only? Yeah, I don't even get internet on my phone...ancient, I know. So glad you had a fun weekend away. We got a lot of cleaning done, which isn't necessarily fun but much needed!

Rachel said...

I must be living under a rock, too. I didn't realize Instagram had a feed, either. I'll have to check it out.

Glad you guys had a good weekend!!

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