Wednesday, February 8, 2012

High Heel Storage

Welcome to my closet floor via these terribly dark and blurry pictures.

Top shelf boots

Under that I have heels and then in front and piled on top of each other I have my flats. That many shoes in a small space usually result in a jumbled mess. Add to the fact that is is pitch black under the shelves and I can't see all of my shoes.

Recently Eric added 2 pieces of crown molding to the wall to hang my heels on. I think we may have spent $6 and 15 minutes on the project from Pinterest. Yea an actual project from Pinterest!

Now with the heels on the wall I can single stack my most of my flats under the shelf and I have so much more floor space. Yippe!

The system is not without flaws. To get the top rack of heels to stay put I have to make them face out a little more and some of the heels are barely hanging on but my closet floor is so much better.

Something else that has helped keep my closet clean is choosing all of my outfits for the week on Sunday night. I pick out 5 outfits and match them all of their pieces/belts/jewelry, iron them and hang them beside the new heel storage. It has made life a lot easier and I am wearing so many different outfits because I actually have time to be creative instead of rushing in the morning.

Any other closet tips I need to know about?


Dara M. said...

I used to set my clothes out at the beginning of the week, and it was oh so wonderful. I have gotten lazy, and I am late every morning now, b/c I can't find anything to wear. I think this next week I will get back on the bandwagon though. I love the shoe rack idea, I just saw that the other day on another blog, how funny!

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

Yay for Pinterest projects! :)

alanna rose said...

Pick out 5 days of outfits and are genius. I need to do this right now. :)

Rachel said...

What a great idea! I need to do something similar!

Nikki said...

Ooh, I should give that try. Only I don't own many heels anymore. But picking out the outfits is a great idea!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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