Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I've been on a big breakfast food kick lately. Usually it is eggs and bacon or a scrambled egg sandwich but today I incorporated pancakes into the mix.

I was pretty crunched for time so these turned out to be the world's ugliest pancakes but they were still pretty tasty. Several weeks ago while having brinner I asked Eric "well if breakfast for dinner is brinner what can we call breakfast for lunch?". He replied "brunch". Oh why didn't I think of that one.

I'm sure this brunch phase will be over in a few weeks so I will be looking for something new to eat for lunch. What is your favorite go to lunch that doesn't involve sandwiches?


JJB said...

Lunch is always so hard for me. Today with a growling stomach I just popped some popcorn, but yesterday... yesterday was near perfection. Turkey flautas and a side of fresh guacamole. I wrapped up some turkey in a tortilla and lightly "fried" it in a skillet until it was crunchy. It was delish!

Kat said...

That Eric's a genius, isn't he? Ha! Brunch! Today I made some corn noodle soup. Sick little boys in my house this week:( It was pretty tasty though--chicken stock, frozen corn, and broken up fettuccine. I added some spices (garlic powder, onion powder, oregano and salt) and that was it. Pretty easy and tasty!

Nikki said...

And now I'm very hungry for pancakes...

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