Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breezeway Curtains

About 5 months after I bought the fabric for my breezeway curtains and about a month after I sewing the curtains I finally have them pleated and hung.

I think they turned out nice and add a little bit of softness to the space made of glass, tile and bricks.
I had a few people ask for some tips when I first posted about sewing the curtains so this is the way I make curtains. They aren't professional but they look good enough for me. I am not a master seamstress or a perfectionist but this is what works best for my curtains.

First of all you need to decide if you want visible stitches on your curtains. I prefer to make my lined curtains without any visible stitches. It really is easy to do this method, the worst part is smoothing out all of your fabric.

This is the only tutorial I could find on making lined curtains the way I do. It is pretty confusing in regards to the lining. Basically you take your fabric & lining line them up vertically and sew down one side. Then I cut 4" off vertically on the opposite side the of the curtain. Line the fabric edges up, smooth out, pin and sew. Turn curtains right side out, even up the difference in the lining fabric and iron. Make sense, yeah I didn't think so. Don't try to cut corners buy pinning one side then cutting fabric and pinning the other then sewing both sides. It always ends up wonky.

After you split the difference in the lining and ironed the curtains should turn out like this. No visible seams and you don't see the lining of your curtains from the front. Oh and as usual I used a twin size sheet from Walmart for the lining, $5!

I only do 6" for a bottom hem and 4" for a top header. I use a blind stitch to hem and I always hem them while they are on the rod. I'm not great at making my curtains come out the right length so this always works best for me.

No visible stitches!

If you don't mind visible seams, House of Hepworths has a great tutorial on sewing lined curtains.

These are the pleater hooks & tape I used. Both purchased at Hancock Fabrics.

It took me forever to figure out how the hooks went in. I finally figured it out. You are suppose to pull the strings to get your pleats but I never did, just inserting the hooks makes the pleats also.

Since I am neither a master seamstress or a mathematical wizard my pleats aren't all spaced out perfectly. I was able to skip two places except for the last pleat and skipped 3. No one will ever notice.

Here is how the pleats look with the hooks.

That was good enough but I wanted a little more definition so I tacked the pleats at the bottom.

When the curtains are open they are just a little too skinny to cover all of the windows. That is one of the disadvantages of pleats is they make the width of your curtains smaller. I am ok with them not closing all of the way but if you do need the privacy you may want to think about doubling up on the curtain width.

Another thing that I am weird about is all of my windows on the front of my house looking the same. I like for my curtains to hang about 6" over the windows and I have them all lined so from the outside of the house everything looks uniform. By making the curtains only a single width they look the same from the front of the house as my other curtains.

Yep my neighbor "fixed" up his house and painted it lime green

Overall I am really happy with my curtains. Pleating the curtains turned out a lot easier than I had anticipated. Off to pleat the dining room curtains....

Some videos that I watched to make a little more sense of the whole thing.

Here - describes the difference in long neck and short neck prongs


Kat said...

They turned out great! Love the pleats. Almost as much as I love your neighbor's house.

That fabric is perfect in there. Well done!!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This looks SO GOOD. Love the pleats. They look professional to me.

I'm planning to line the nursery curtains and I'm thinking that the sheet trick is the way to go. Thanks for the tip.

Nikki said...

Awesome! I don't think I would ever attempt pleats, I'm biting my nails over here!

Pine Tree Home said...

I totally need to try this because currently most of my windows are naked!

Accessorize and Organize said...

wow...those look GREAT!!! i love the pleats!!!

Rachel said...

They look great!!

Desiree said...

i love the fabric you chose! i have been waiting months to get my drapes made and now still waiting to get hang in the dining rm. maybe one day i'll try to make them. good job :)

MJ @ 517 Creations said...

LOVE how the curtains turned out! The pleats look so professional...totally impressed! :)

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