Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday 13th

When we planed this weekend back in the fall, we were suppose to be in California. I was going to try out a surfing lesson and we were going to take a trip to Disneyland!

But after Claire's first surgery we decided we should cancel the vacay and use that money for her vet bill.

Then the back up plan was drive up to the mountains and rent a big cabin. All of our friends would come and we would shop and play in the snow all day then play games and eat fatty snacks all night.

But after Claire's second surgery we decided to cancel that little trip and use that money for her vet bill. (Boo adult decisions. I keep having to tell myself squirells don't have acorns because they make them, it is because they save them!)

Onto plan #3. We are going to watch Beauty & The Beast at the movies... with a gift card. Honestly I am really excited. Beauty & The Beast is the favorite Disney movie of the Holbrook sisters and I can't wait to see it again. I guess my parents had bought the soundtrack for us before we went to see it back in 1991 because I remember my sister sang every song really loud in the theater. Don't worry I've been practicing so there may be a repeat. Nothing beats a good Disney soundtrack.

I would say our plans have gone full circle. Starting with Disneyland and ending with a Disney movie. I probably didn't need to be swimming with sharks or sledding down an icy hill anyway on Friday 13th.

Anybody else going to see Beauty and The Beast?!


Elizabeth alexander said...

We are taking D this weekend. He loves that movie!

JJB said...

Darn adult decisions... however, that's been our story for the last couple of months as well. Thank goodness for giftcards!! A night on the town is still possible :)

Rachel said...

Hope you have fun! I can't wait to take Abby to see it...its her favorite movie as well. :) Happy Friday!

Kat said...

I'm really wanting to take Ryder to see it--it'd be his first movie in the theater! Exciting times. Sorry all your plans fell through:( I feel your pain...just waiting for another ER bill from Bryce's latest scare last week. Did I tell you about it? Yeah, he ate a glass Christmas ornament. Ugh...boys! (he's totally fine, btw)

Nikki said...

Bryan wanted to see it, but I ditched him for the girl with the dragon tattoo. I tried to take my nephew to B and the B but my Sister was being strange about it so I dumped that idea.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Memememe. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite. Still. I still have the CD in my computer at home to listen when the mood strikes.

Alternate plans are the way of life, aren't they? And your baby's health is top-priority, so I think you're right on track. ;) Have fun!

modernchemistry said...

hi vanessa! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog...i found my way to yours and i am so impressed! your kitchen is lovely - especially the countertops. great work!

it's nice to "meet" you! :)

hartmom said...

Vanessa I applaud your positive grown-up attitude which is not always fun. I'm disappointed for you though...hope you get to come to California another day :)

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