Monday, January 23, 2012

C25k Graduate

I wondered if I should write this post or not, another post about ME. But it is a slow day in the newsroom people and I enjoy reading other people's fitness experiences for encouragement. Plus tis the season where everyone is wanting to get into shape. Hope this helps!

For the past couple of years I've been trying keep up a steady exercise routine. I have started the
Couch to 5k program several times alone and never finished. Most recently over the summer I started once again. I did a really good job and I think I got to week 7 then I went on vacation and I stopped. (I used this podcast. It was free and I could tolerate the music which I started to enjoy.) I still would jog up to the football stadium to see Eric several times a week .7 miles. I just could never break that mental block of 1.5 miles, I would get bored or it would rain or be hot.

Last summer when Big Dog Running Co opened in Auburn I was properly fitted and bought a new pair of running shoes hoping to get motivated. It worked. Then I saw on facebook they were offering a C25k class for only $25 and my friend Susan and I signed up. Everyone asks what is a running class. In our case we were paying someone just to tell us when to start and stop running. I know I got my $25 worth because I actually broke the 1.5 mile barrier. The store does teach a free 1 night technique running class so I may look into that in the future. I did figure out a breathing technique on my own that works for me. What a difference!! I use to hate running in the cold but now that I am not gasping for air I enjoy the cooler temps. I can't explain how I breathe, sort of small breaths and not very often?.

We started October 10th. By then I had not run in over a month so I had a little advantage but was still out of shape. We met 2x a week and then did a run by ourselves one more time each week. Susan and I were the only ones to finish the class, ok there were only 4 to start but still. We ran the whole session without stopping even if we were about to die. We knew that in 30 minutes we would be finished and not regret running but we would regret stopping. We have different paces and we each ran our own pace instead of straining to run with each other.

So all of that to say that 9 weeks after we started we ran our first 5k!!

The course ran by my house so Eric was able to stand outside to watch and take very unflattering pictures. I thought I was familiar with the roads since I drive them everyday. I was so wrong that whole thing was small hills. I tried to run the hills but had to walk a few of them. I tried not to walk over 20 seconds.

My time was 33.45. I was pretty happy with it being my first 5k. I came in 122 out of 220 runners that finished. I was happy with that time considering it was all hills and the longest we ran without stopping in the class was 20 minutes. I had a great time and can't wait to run another one.

ok can these pics be any more unflattering! I usually look like this:

Right now Eric and I are training for a 10k and loving getting to run through our beautiful city. When it is rainy or cold we run at AU's old basketball coliseum and are fortunate to have that option. No excuses! We have our eye on the Disney World half marathon next winter. Mainly because you run through the parks and all of the characters are cheering you on!

If you are thinking about getting into running give C25k another try. But this time no excuses! Don't try to run do it alone. There were times that I wanted to stop running but I didn't because Susan was running and I knew I could push myself a little bit more. But if you do have to take a walk break that is fine, you are still lapping those people that are sitting on the couch! Have a set time that you will run and stick to it. We ran with the class on M & W at 7 rain or shine. We were lucky to only have a couple of cold nights and no rain. I had to miss 2 of my favorite tv shows, but I didn't let that excuse work this time, I usually do.

The class had incentives for finishing and attendance, a tshirt and drawing for a pair of shoes. If you are doing this with a group of friends you could still do incentives. Maybe all put in $25 and whoever doesn't miss a class gets a chance to win the money, that sounds fun.

Wow anyone still reading, can you tell I am a details person? I hope this helps someone sitting on the fence wanting to do something. Whenever I didn't want to go to class I always told myself it will be over in 30 minutes and I won't regret running but will regret not running.

Next up:

Feb 25th Celebrate Life 5k that my friend Sissy is in charge of.

March 31 Mud Mania 5k. Oh this should be interesting.

EDIT: Found this blog today, so inspirational! This one too!


Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

This is AWESOME! I'm so happy for you and proud of you. I did a half-marathon in 2007 and it was the hardest thing I've ever done. Then, I let it go completely. I'd love to get back into jogging for exercise, and C25K sounds like a great way to go. I actually downloaded an app on my phone in the summer, but when I got pregnant, I totally let it go. You are really inspiring me to give it another try once we have this baby!

Kat said...

Way to go, Vanessa! Proud of you girl. This is just the inspiration I I got to do it!

Kelly said...

That's awesome! I just did my first 5K a couple weeks ago and fell in love with running! Totally helps to have a running buddy!:) Thanks for sharing about this! Definitely an encouragement not to give up!

Accessorize and Organize said...

Congrats to you!! I LOVE Big Dog and get all of my running stuff there. My first 5K was the JL of Lee County Art Walk/Run for Children in 2009. It was a hilly but great course!

Rachel said...

I'm so proud of you! I wish we had a running store here. I think it would be fun to take a class like that!

Kayla said...

Awesome!! I'm a runner training for my third half-marathon and kind of addicted to it, so I'm always happy to see other people discover what's so great about it (besides being such good cardio that I can eat whatever I want). Keep it up - so that you don't have to go through the whole building-up-to-three-miles thing all over again! Though I have to say, I always run alone. I have two boys and running is my cherished alone time.

QZB said...

I really like these kinds of posts, especially one so near and dear to my heart. Definitely keep updating as your running progresses, it's super motivating. And honestly, I didn't see one unflattering picture in the whole bunch. You're just crazy, girl. :)

Nikki said...

Wow! Good for you guys. I want the disney characters to cheer me on too!!

I'm on my 3rd week of p90x but started over with Bryan this week. Now we're getting up together in the morning and getting our workout on. I'm certainly sweating more than when I was doing it on my own because the man is competitive!

Nikki said...

Oh p.s. I did eat an entire toblerone to myself yesterday...erasing any workout that I did.

Liz said...

Congrats!!! I love the C25K program, because it makes it seem so doable. And you did it!

I love that you're training for a 10k now. I'm about to run a half marathon on Sunday and I'm already thinking of the next goal I am going to set. :)

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