Thursday, January 5, 2012

After Christmas Sales

Bring on the After Christmas Sales, I love it!

Yesterday I was at Dillard's and I was going to buy a key chain off the 50% off table. I got to the cash register and the cashier asked me if the key chain was on sale. I said yes and she rudely yelled at me that the sale was over on Sunday. I asked her what day it was and she said Wednesday then I asked her what day the sale was over and she said Sunday. I mean I would understand if they hadn't taken the sign down on Monday morning, but 3 days later people. She very rudely told me that she would honor the 50% off like it was my fault. The box the key chain was in said $48.00 but there was a tag attached to the key chain that had a price of $28.00. She rang it up for $48 and I told her that it was only $28 she said they had to go by the price on the box not on the tag ATTACHED to the item. Needless to say I didn't buy the key chain but I stewed over that little convo all yesterday. Seriously so if I took a pair off $200 shoes and put them in a $25 box they would charge me only $25?!

Moving on to a happier store that has the BEST customer service ever, Lands End Canvas. They are having a great sale right now and I've got my eye on a few things...

Love this Striped Sailor Tunic

It is such a versitle shirt, look at all of these cute stripe shirt ideas.

all stripe shirt ideas via

Check shirts are so popular right now and this check shirt is only $17!

I think I like this orange big check shirt, it would be cute to wear to Auburn games!

Now changing gears but still talking about Christmas sales...

Yesterday morning I was on Rugs USA looking for an outdoor rug. They are having a really good sale right now with a lot of rugs 75% off!

I couldn't figure out how to copy and paste the pics so I had to do a screen shot. Which is interesting because yesterday when I copied this pic,the Trellis Rug was 75% off and now it has changed to 35% off. With 75% off you could have gotten the 7x9 size for only $113! Now it is $296 which is still a good deal.
There are several different colors so maybe one will work for you.

The Plymouth Ikat rug would look really good in my daughter's room. I wish the colors were just a little more muted but that is ok because I don't have a daughter so I will not dwell on the saturation of color. $335 for a 7x9 rug, it would pretty much cover her whole floor.

I love this Herringbone Jute 8x10 for only $315 for my living room.

So have you bought anything with your Christmas money? Seen any good deals I should know about?

After paying off Claire's vet bills last week I'm a little paralyzed on spending money so Land's End Canvas or Rugs USA if you are out there I will gladly accept a hand out!


emily said...

In the words of Stephanie Tanner (ha!): "how rude." I hate that you didn't get your key chain though. She must have not realized the #1 rule in customer service...the customer is always right!

LOVE the orange check shirt. It's so you too!!

skye @ neathering our fest said...

1) I despise Dillards. I worked there for two years or so and I hated working there and the way they pay & treat their employees is ridiculous. I despise everything they stand for and almost refuse to shop there unless it is the only place I can get something! So if you decide to boycott Dillards I will definitely back you up!

I love striped shirts and all the fun possibilities you show! :) Thanks for sharing!!

Deborah said...

Look good in your daughter's room? Vanessa, do you have a daughter besides Claire? I don't believe you ever talk about her on here! PS I hate when store clerks are so rude.

Deborah said...

Also, I did some good shopping at Bath and Body Works. They are having a 75% off sale (in stores and online).

Nikki said...

Not allowed to buy anymore stripes! Although checks and herringbone jute are anything but right?

Look at you, can we share a bank account?

Rachel said...

I never shop at Dillard's. I can never get good customer service there, so now I just refuse to go in there. I would've reported her to a manager.

I love Land's End. I want another down vest, but I'm trying to stay off the websites so I can save my pennies for a treadmill. ;)

You need that striped shirt, though!!

Kellie said...

When we lived in TN I had the unfortunate experience of shopping at Dillards. I attempted to return a shirt with my receipt and because it had been over 30 days...maybe 32 days...they were so rude and made me seem like a criminal. I was shocked because most department stores at the time allowed at least 90 days to return. I will never shop there again!

Bradley Robertson said...

I bought Janie Belle a dress from Hanna Anderson for $15, original price was $48! I was super pumped!!

Accessorize and Organize said...

Thanks for the heads up! I bought the stripe shirt from Lands End and it was super cheap :)

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