Friday, December 16, 2011

In Lights & Instagram

Christmas at my house pretty much looks the same every year. Same decorations in the same spots. But this is the first year I've had the Instagram app on my iphone so the pics look different.

So happy our Christmas tree has the perfect spot for showing off!

I make wreaths for all the windows. They are all fake evergreen with real magnolia and holly berries added to the bottom. I always make a 100% real for the front door. Instead of berries I used some of our beautiful Camilla flowers for color. We've had temps in the high 70's so my live greenery is starting to look dead.

Can't beat the old school Christmas tree light bulbs + a real tree. We are crazy about Christmas ornaments and have several hundred. We always get one from a vacation and then one that reflects us from the year.

Our little smore's tree. My fav!

I've loved getting everyone's Christmas cards this year. We've been so busy with Claire that I have just piled them in the evergreen on top of the milk glass cabinet instead of hanging them up. I quiet like it.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Ours will be great if we get Claire back home tomorrow. She had another surgery to remove a stick that had poked 2 holes in her weak from surgery less than 3 weeks ago intestines and they were starting to grow together. The vet is trying to be very realistic about the risk of infection but she wagged her tail today so that is a great sign!


JJB said...

Jealous of your prime Christmas tree location in the front window. Wonder what my husband would think if I added that feature to my "must-have" list as we house-hunt this winter?!?!

Ironstone and Pine said...

What a lovely picture of your house decorated at night....Christmas card worthy!! Hope little pup is on the mend, wow, she sure keeps you on your toes!~(just like a baby, yup!)

Ben and Emily said...

Your house is gorgeous!

(Keeping your sweet girl in my thoughts)

R. Chandra said...

very beautiful & festive decor :) !!

Kat said...

Our tree is usually in front of our windows like yours, but I didn't feel like rearranging our entire living room this year, so it's in a corner. It's a real one, so that's cool. We usually have the fake one up. Your decorations look awesome. Love the night-time shots. If you could make up any Smores orny for yourself, what would you choose to be on it?

Tracy said...

Poor Claire!! I was hoping she would be back home by now. So sorry for her and for you guys.
I love the pics of your house. Will you come make mine look that cute??? You Christmas card was really cute btw. I got it today. I was excited to see which one you had picked.

QZB said...

Thinking of you all and Claire, and hoping she is well SOON. It is terrible to have a sick dog. I have a stick chewer myself, and I had no idea how dangerous it could be! Please keep us updated, and thank you for sharing your beautiful deco pix.

Nikki said...

Oh looks beautiful! Love your old school lights!

Hope Claire is back with you now.

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