Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I am always getting requests for outfit posts. It is awkward to take so many pictures of yourself but I have been trying to remember to snap a picture during the day for an outfit post. These are spaced out over the past several weeks but it is a start. Since I always remember a sale price I will post those too. I love to buy clothes on sale and any store is free game for me, I will shop pretty much anywhere.

dress - Gap $8

belt - Goodwill $1

boots - a catalogue that is no more they were $110 but I've had them for 5 years

This huge leaf is so cool I had to share!

corduroy blazer - Lands End vintage $2

shirt - Walmart $1

belt- Target via Goodwill $1

knit skinny pants - Old Navy $4

boots - Old Navy $12

cardigan - ANA JC Penny $9

shirt - Kmart $3, it is a granny style shirt but when you tuck it in you can't tell

pants - GAP $8

belt - Goodwill
shoes - Gianni Bini Dillard's $15

Eric doesn't like this outfit. He says the skirt with this shirt freaks him out. haha.

shirt - American Eagle

belt - Target via Goodwill $1

skirt - Goodwill $3 no brand or tags

boots - Old Navy $12

I received my
necklace from Lemon Sweet yesterday and had to wear it today. I love it, it is so sweet and delicate!

Ok so I hope that wasn't too disappointing, I'm no Kendi. And yes my huge collection of belts deserves its own post.


Kat said...

Girl, you're so cute! Love that first outfit. Your belts are great. And boots...I'm on target.com right now ordering some:)

Rachel said...

You look great!!

Leslie, Lemon Sweet Life said...

The necklace looks great on you!! Thanks again for hosting a giveaway!

Lemon Sweet Jewelry

Nikki said...

Cute! Love the outfit with the gingham. I try to take outfit posts sometimes but Bryan is too impatient. Yours look way better than mine!

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

You are inspiring me with these outfits and prices! Wow! I'm just stunned by the low prices, esp. for those boots. And you just understand how to put clothes together.

And, I want a gingham shirt, now.

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