Thursday, December 1, 2011

Claire's Latest Adventure

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Our dog Claire has had a pretty rough week. I've had a lot of friends and family go out of their way to check on her and I wanted to post an update for them. Thanks to everyone who has checked on Claire Belle!

Last Wednesday morning Claire got into the trash. She never gets into anything but there was something in there that she couldn't resist. When she saw me leave the room without closing the door she just couldn't handle the temptation. By Wednesday evening she wasn't acting herself. She wanted to hide behind the couch and didn't want a treat. Very unusual for her. By 10:30 she threw up and we started to get really worried. With it being night and a holiday we knew the vet would be closed so we waited. We didn't go to sleep until 3:30 in the morning. Claire couldn't get comfortable and was crying a lot. It was so sad.

Thursday morning Eric had to work since the Iron Bowl was on Saturday. When he got off at 12 we took Claire to Auburn University's Vet School ER. We stayed until 4 when they told us they would need to keep her overnight based on xrays. We grabbed Thanksgiving lunch at the drive thru at Hardee's. Friday morning they called and said she would need surgery.

The Dr was pleased they only had to do one incision in her stomach instead of three. I thought that meant she would have a little cut on her belly. Not prepared to see this.

We wanted to visit her on Saturday after the football game, but we were afraid she would get excited and pop a stitch or think we were going to take her home. Sunday morning the vet called and asked us if we could come try to feed her because she wouldn't eat. I had one foot out the door before we even hung up. I was not expecting to see her shaved on the sides with an IV in her shaved leg.

What hair was left was really dingy. She looked like an orphan dog.

We got the call Monday that she could come home!!!!!! She was happy to see us and get out of the hospital. I had to make out her meds and food schedule because there is so much info to remember. I can't stand to smell the dog food so Eric has taken over that dept. Ok lets be honest he has taken over everything. He has stayed home from work with her, takes her out and give her all her meds. I'm just the petter.

When we got home she immediately headed for her cave but because of her halo she couldn't fit through the door. Eric rigged something up for her to make her feel cozy.

I added some Christmas garland and put her favorite squirrel, Rico on top. I am pretty sure she will be getting an Extreme Home Makeover this weekend seeing she has another 10 days in the halo and that box is ugly. I thinking a snow covered chalet since it is an A-frame style cave.

Look who is ready for Christmas! I decorated her e-collar with Christmas stickers, it toally made her feel better.

So while we may not have had a traditional Thanksgiving we spent the day thanking God that our girl was going to be ok and that he provided for us so we were able to give her the care she needed. It is worth it to see her pop up in the window when we get home, but lets just say she better be popping up in that window for many more years!

A couple of weeks ago Eric left his lunch plate on the table and went outside, guess who knocked the plate off to eat the chips! See without Claire the house would be so boring.

Here are some things I learned over the past few days to help keep your animal safe:

*When Claire started to get sick I started to regret not giving her peroxide to make her throw up the object. I asked the Vet if giving her hydrogen peroxide would have helped and saved her from surgery. He said NO. The object she swallowed was linear so it would have had trouble coming back up. If the esophagus gets damaged you open up a whole other can of worms. The esophagus is a very hard area to operate on and by damaging it you can cause irreversible damage or a very expensive surgery.

*They had a case where the dog swallowed a fish hook and the owner gave it peroxide for it to throw up. Needless to say the stomach was torn up as well as the esophagus and the fish hook didn't come out because it got hooked inside the dog. Ouch!

So if your pet swallows something they shouldn't please call your Vet before giving it hydrogen peroxide!!

*The Vet said Claire's intestines were rolling around the object sort of like your sleeves bunch up on your arms. This was what was causing her pain and the need for surgery. If you doggie starts to act different please take them to the Vet. They can't always pass what is in the digestive tract just because they are an "animal".

*We have a friend who's dog swallowed a toothpick. That toothpick worth less that 5 cents cost $2,000 to remove. Make sure you don't have toothpicks where a dog can eat one.

*Never give your doggie chicken bones! They splinter and cause choking or damage to the esophagus.

*Claire is such a good dog in regards of not getting into the trash or chewing things. No really she is! But one time in the garbage was all it took, it will never happen again. Make sure to shut the door or put your trash in a cabinet!!

*If you have kitties and dogs make sure they can't get into string or thread, watch out for the ribbons on Christmas packages. Strings can be fatal to animals.

*There was a dog on Monday's Pet Vet segment on the news that ate a razor. The 3 blades had separated and one passed. (eeek) The other 2 were still inside and they were going to try to get them out by making the dog swallow cotton balls and mineral oil. That sounds crazy, poor dog. I asked the Vet on Claire's case about it yesterday and he said the stomach is strong so it may not get cut up. But if your pet ingests the mineral oil it makes future surgeries a lot harder.

I hope this post was helpful and will prevent someone else's dog from having to go through what Claire did. I think the $2,400 surgery was karma because I make fun of someone I know because they have pet insurance. Look who's laughing now! If you have any pet safety tips post them in the comments so we can all learn.


Anna@Directions Not Included said...

Oh poor little Claire!! I'm so glad she is okay. What an ordeal but she is on the mend and with you guys which is the best part.

Deborah said...

Glad to hear she is OK! My husband and I rushed our cat to an emergency vet at 11pm on a Saturday evening after another one of our cats scratched her eye. She wasn't opening it and was wimperning so we were worried there was some bad damage. Turns out she was fine and would just need some eye drops, but it was worth it to us to bring her in for peace of mind. You never want to play "woulda-coulda-shoulda" with your health or your pet's health. Can I ask what did Claire swallow?

Red Gate Farm said...

I'm happy to hear Clair is ok! What an experience that must have been for all of you!

We've been very fortunate with our 3 dogs and have only had the one mishap with our Cady's tail getting lopped off in the door... of course that ended up with surgery to remove the end of her tail... and you're right it can be expensive!

Our little dachshund (who is stubborn and almost 15 years old) will get into the garbage even though it is in a cabinet under the sink... since our house is old we can't find a "baby lock" to work on this cabinet so we actually put the garbage can "up" every day when we go to work, etc. to keep her out of the garbage!

Thanks for all of the other tips regarding our four legged friends!


skye @ neathering our fest said...

Poor little pup!! :( I'm glad to hear she is ok! We have a locking trash can. Like Claire, our dogs are pretty good about staying out of the trash but we lock it just in case - especially if we put any kind of food in there since we don't have a garbage disposal. I would be so sad if something ever happened to our pooches!! :( Get well soon Claire!!

Sadie and Rebel both sent tail wags & "woofs" to Claire also! :) They want their invisible internet doggy friend to recover soon!

dara said...

Oh that is so scary. I am glad Claire is doing much better. About a year ago we had trouble with our pup. He would tear up his toys with stuffing and I think he would swallow a bunch of it. For about a month he was throwing up every morning, and eventually he threw up a huge hunk of toy stuffing and other things(sorry, so gross), and that seemed to work. But before that we had gone to the vet every sun that month to find out what was going on. We changed his food, took away his rawhides, and gave acid reflux pills, still nothing worked till he finally passed it. We had Petsmart's insurance plan, so we never had to pay for the visits thankfully. Poor Claire, hope she will think twice before doing that again.

Kat said...

Man what an incision! Poor girl:( I guess you'll always remember what you did Thanksgiving '11! Glad she's on the mend:)

Ben and Emily said...

Poor Claire. I'm glad she's doing well, considering.

Great advice. It's easy to forget that dogs are made out of steel.

H. said...

Thanks for sharing Claire's story with us. I'm so sorry that happened, I would be scared out of my mind if that happened to my little one. You gave so many helpful tips! I'm glad she's at home, safe and sound now.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Poor little thing! Sounds like she's doing well, and I'm so glad they were able to remove the obstruction. Yikes! That's so scary!

Ironstone and Pine said...

my goodness!! What was it that she scary! It is so stressful when your fur babies are not well and need medical help....Auburn is an excellent place and you're lucky to have them close by, I live in Georgia and have known a few people who have carted their horses to the equine vet school there, and we feel fortunate to be as close as we are. Hope she mends quickly!!

glorystory said...

I'm so sorry about your doggie and thankful she's okay. Thanks for all the helpful information. I recently lost a dog to cancer but if I ever get another one I need to remember all of your tips. Claire is a sweetie pie and I love her bedazzled cone of silence! Happy Holidays to you all.

Nikki said...

Oh my goodness, poor Claire. I did laugh at her shaved state though...she looks like a little sheep ;) And definitely go with the chalet!

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