Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wish List

I always celebrate Thanksgiving before Christmas. Always. But I am game all year for Christmas shopping. I cannot stand waiting until the last minute to do my shopping.

It always feels odd to me to make a Christmas list. I am so blessed and would honestly be happy with a $7 key fob. But when people are asking what I want, well what is a girl to do?
So here is my Christmas wish list...

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A) Toms ballet flats
Awesome and terrible all in one. Awesome because they are so cool, but terrible because they don't actually come out until the spring. I guess they will roll over to be a birthday gift.
Awesome and terrible all in one. Awesome because they are only $50 and they can be casual or dressy. Terrible because they are out of stock in my size and I've been checking everyday since August.
Ray Ban Wayfarer
I think I am old enough to have a nice pair of sunglasses. I've been rocking the Target version for 2 years so I think that constitutes a nice pair. Or does it, should I just settle for the $12 version?
D) Reflective Running Bands

Needed since it gets dark at 5:00 and I don't want to get run over.
I think I am jumping the non stick Teflon ship. I hate to because my grandmother gave me a really nice set of cookware when we got married, but I am getting more paranoid about the possible Teflon toxins I am putting into our bodies by cooking our food. Thinking of going with stainless steel and this set was recommended. Any other suggestions?
Clinique All About Eyes Rich
Sad when wrinkle cream is on your wish list.
Hammam Stripe Hand Towel
I think this would be perfect in my new bathroom. With a "K" of course!
Brass Bracelet
I love the texture of this and the price is only $20
Green Stone Bangle
So simple and under $10!
Leather Bracelet
This is totally cool
Key Fob in yellowgreen
I had this on my list last year, I am thinking maybe this is the year I get the key fob.
Simple, cute and $20

What is on your list?!


skye @ neathering our fest said...

That key fob is awesome! And i love that etsy shop too. Great stuff! :) I hope you get it this year!

Ben and Emily said...

Great list! Hope you get your key fob this year!!

I haven't given cookin with teflon much thought. I love my Calphalon coookware. I wonder how hard it would be to adjust to the stainless?

Kat said...

I have a feeling those Toms are gonna be sold out when they finally do arrive...just a feeling. Stinks about the boots:( And yes, I think you should be able to own a nice pair of sunglasses! I'm sick of my cheap-o ones too. I agree with the cookware--although have you ever tried frying up an egg in stainless? Pretty impossible. I DO have a Pampered Chef connection...just sayin';)

I think I need to make up a list like this for Mitch. He struggles when it comes to gifts.

Nikki said...

Wnat to do my Christmas shopping? I love those striped towels!

alanna rose said...

I'm still thinking about my list, my husband and I tend to go big (ish) one year and then cut way back the next year...last year he got me a tennis bracelet, so this year I might just ask for a new toothbrush ;)

I love the Toms flats! Mostly because I want to be cool and wear Toms, but mummy-feet sort of scare me. I'm slowly replacing my Teflon cookware, I have a SS family size skillet from Calphalon that I love. I got it a few years at Bed Bath and Beyond - totally worth it!

hartmom said...

You deserve ALL of that stuff. Hope Santa brings all of it to you :)

Rachel said...

Love your list. That hand towel is perfect!

I will be honest...I hate my stainless skillets. I ended up getting a non-stick skillet just because I got so frustrated with the stainless. So maybe keep one of yours just for a trusty standby.

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