Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Randoms

Week in review:
My Halloween day was spent like this, luckily I was feeling good enough to see a few trick or treaters by the time the sun went down.

Really a sick pumpkin has never been more appropriate.

I was one of 7 of my friends to get sick Sunday night around the same time. They all think it was the stomach virus, but I think I got food poisoning Sunday night. We were all together on Saturday so who knows. Mystery unsolved.

Eric turned 36 and Awesome (but I already knew that)!

Two weeks ago I had 4" chopped off of my hair and bangs cut. This is the first week that my bangs aren't controlling my life. I was going for this look and my bangs have grown out to the length in the photo.

I am oddly mourning the 4" gone off of my hair considering I had this haircut below for years. Ok can we just observe this picture. So awesome. Eric was 28 with hair, younger than I am now and I was 22 and tan. I never thought I would be 28, it just seemed so old to that college girl. I think my life is just as I imagined it would be in that picture, minus the tan.

I decided which fabric to use for my breezeway curtains. The most votes went to Chipper Stone. Neither one of the Togos got a vote except from me & Eric. I ordered the Chipper Stone.

Hoping to make those curtains next weekend. Thanks so much for all of your suggestions and votes!

I am painting my bathroom this weekend.

Dark house, dark picture. I was going to go with Edgecomb Gray but it is reading a little pink in artificial light so I think Revere Pewter it will be.

After I paint the top half of the bathroom, Eric will be putting up horizontal planks below. Plans to tile the floor have been nixed for now, we will just continue on with the soapstonish floor we currently have.

Speaking of bathrooms while looking at this towel, I decided to click around the rest of West Elm and saw this wall hardware for only $1.99 each?!

I ordered one of each even though I have no use for the towel bars. I bought $109 worth of hardware for under $13 shipped. I sort of expected to get an email by now saying they meant $11.99 but haven't yet. I'll keep you posted.

Back in the spring I bought my orange tree at Lowes for $4. It already had oranges but they were green. Now they are ripe!

And taste so good!

Have a great weekend!


Nikki said...

So many exciting things happening! Post a picture of your bangs!

I never thought I'd be 28 either...and now I'm 29. But I will admit, it just keeps getting better.

Glad you're feeling better, have a lovely weekend!

Kat said...

Oh my gosh, Vanessa. Revere Pewter is what we're painting our bedroom--that's the swatch you liked of all the ones on my wall. So funny! I actually went to Home Depot tonight to get them to match the color but their computer was broken. Are you going with BM or having it matched?

Yay for planked walls! And yay for Chipper Stone! And I'm totally going to check out that WE hardware--right up my alley. Of course it is, you like it.

Have fun painting this weekend. We will be too. We'll have to compare pictures:)

Audrey said...

I absolutely LOVED the West Elm hardware. I bought it for the same I don't think it's a mess up! Can't wait to put it in my updated bathroom! AWESOME FIND! Thx for sharing!

Amy said...

Thanks for posting about the West Elm hardware. I ordered 2 of each for my new house. So cool!

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