Monday, November 21, 2011

Auburn Weekend

I've had several requests for an Auburn football post so here ya go. Auburn had their homecoming this weekend and we played Samford. Samford's coach is Pat Sullivan who happens to be Auburn's first Heisman Trophy winner. They honored him during the game it was pretty cool when players from both teams were on the field together.

We had a special guest for this game. Our niece (and her parents) came to the game. The whole time she was wanting to meet Aubie. Finally he came to our area and she got a high 5 from him. She was disappointed that she didn't get to go on the field like last year and meet him without other kids around. Haha. She also asked me why I had a rug made out of dog fur (my cowhide rug).

After Eric was finished mowing the field we headed up to Toomer's Corner. This could be the last time the trees are rolled. We do have one more home game against Alabama next weekend, so who knows how that might turn out. The trees are looking really dead right now as a result of being poisioned last year by an Alabama fan. I think everyone knew it might be their last chance to roll the trees because there was toilet paper all the way down to Samford Hall. So pretty.

CB was so excited to roll the trees. It is all she talked about after checking Aubie off her list. She kept asking if we were really allowed to throw toilet paper in the trees.

Eric was part of an interview for the news last Friday. He forgot to watch it and I was at a concert when it aired. Here is the video. I bet I've watched it 15 times because he sounds so country. Hilarious.


Nikki said...

You look sort of like a ghost floating through the papers there. How does one poison trees? That's so sad. They're beautiful!

Ben and Emily said...

How fun! I love the tp'd trees! I bet your cute neice had a blast!

Kat said...

I hadn't heard about the tree poisoning. How horrible. Sheesh. And here I thought Philly fans were harsh!

Look at Eric gettin' all kinds of publicity:) Keep up the good work!

Lora said...

War Eagle!!!

Random, were you at Belk today? I think I saw you but didn't want to be the strange chick asking if you blog. Ha!

hartmom said...

Adorable pictures Vanessa! Such an awesome tradition. I am so sick about those trees. I can't believe some psycho would poison innocent beautiful trees. I hope those gorgeous old oaks will make it. That is so crazy.

(oh and sorry about your Tigers...I know how it feels as my Bruins just got trounced 50-0! so embarrassing!)

Hope you are well...

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