Monday, October 3, 2011


This past weekend I headed up to Memphis to visit some college friends, Elizabeth and her husband and their 2 kiddos.

Amos you are too fast for my camera!

JD did such a good job planning Friday night to make sure I got the run down on Memphis. We started off at Rendezvous for supper. With JD's hookups we were able to get a great table, the best server and no wait in line. That is saying something for a restaurant that serves 4 tons of ribs a week and over 3,000 customers on a typical Saturday! The ribs did not disappoint and now I can mark Memphis BBQ off of my list.
We had to make the trip across the street to the
Peabody Hotel. Unfortunately the ducks weren't swimming in the fountain, but thanks to JD I got the whole story minus the ducks. The hotel is so beautiful in that old hotel kind of way.

We left the hotel and walked down to Beale Street. There were about 354,876 people out that night. The weather was so nice and it turned out to be a perfect fall night. We also went by the Lorainne Motel/National Civil Rights Museum where Martin Luther King Jr was shot.

The next day Elvis was waiting for us at Graceland. I'm not really an Elvis fan but Graceland is something that everyone should go to if you have the chance. It is just crazy to wrap your head around how big Elvis was and still is today.

Talk about different. Graceland is perfectly preserved just as it was when Elvis lived there.

I guess the good thing to take away from this room is the sunburst mirror and I do like the lamps.

We had a guy on the tour that wanted to take our picture several times, we obliged in the dining room.

The jungle room may be the worst room, I'm not sure they were all pretty bad.

It was really disappointing because we couldn't go in Elvis' bedroom or anywhere upstairs. The house size was average by today's standards and tiny by today's celebrity standards.

Next stop my idea of graceland, a stop at the Premiere Prints fabric store. A whole store dedicated to Premiere Prints. I bought some fabric for some new euro shams in my bedroom, hope to get those sewn up this week.

Elizabeth and I were both in love with this grey/coral combo.

And just like that the weekend was over. The weekend was good for my soul, do you know how hard it is to find friends that want to drive around at 10 on a Saturday night looking for good junk on the curb? Thank you Elizabeth for being such a good hostess and for spending so much time with me even though you have 2 little chicken wings to tend to. I loved being around your family for the weekend and watching you teach Amos & Evie. And thank you for letting me put Amos to bed at night, it made me so happy! And thank you JD for making sure I had the best ribs Memphis could offer. I loved the tour around town and the history lesson on Memphis.

Until next time Memphis...


Kat said...

Fun! I need a road trip bad. Wow, Elvis' house I agree--those fabrics are sweet! Glad you had a fun getaway:)

alanna rose said...

Memphis is on my short list of places in the US I want to visit right looks like so much fun!
The jungle room...not very inspiring, huh?

That fabric is yummy!

myboysandme said...

Banks would love for his Aunt V to come put him to bed anytime she wants!!!I'll even let you stay overnight so you can take over when he falls out of the bed at midnight :-) I'm just messing with you... glad you had a great time in Memphis!

Nikki said...

What an awesome weekend! Graceland looks beautiful (the exterior) and now I'm craving some ribs and kiddo time.

elizabeth said...

we LOVED having you!! wish you were here all the time. amos and evie haven't really known what to do without aunt V!

thanks for spending time with us! we love you!!

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