Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Summer Send Off

I hope everyone had a great long weekend! I could use another day off, this lady is a little too old to stay up until 4 am for a whole weekend. And since I am old, I automatically wake up before 7am even if I went to bed at 4am so I had to get a little nap in during my lunch break today.
beachside dining in the rain, sure why not?

My girls getaway was all that and a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows. (Inside joke)
We had a great time, the only problem was if it wasn't looking like this

it was raining! Thank you Tropical Storm Lee. I have never seen such huge waves. They were breaking at least 6 times before they reached the shore. There were double red flags so no swimming. But I couldn't resist I took my trusty tube into the ocean.

Well since the waves were as tall as me I couldn't really jump them and one good one got me and cleaned out my sinus pretty well. Don't think I will ever try the double red flag thing again.

The closest we saw of the sun shining.

We only made it onto the beach once. The rest of the time we watched football, ate so much seafood and junk food, and went shopping. I guess my tan will have to wait until next year.

Our crew. It was fun and can't wait until next time- oh yes there will always be next time.

So sayonara summer. It is actually cold outside today, in the 70's. We are having taco soup for supper!

How did you spend your labor day?!


Rachel said...

I'm glad you had fun despite the weather!

Nikki said...

Oh now! It still looks beautiful though and sounds like fun. Glad you went no matter what!

Hannah Dixon said...

With you!! Had a blast, Tootsie! :)

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