Monday, September 12, 2011

Football Door Hanger

I've seen these burlap football door hangers in several shops this fall and decided I needed an Auburn one. I whipped this up in about 10 minutes, the paint was still wet when I hung it on my front door!

It was super simple to make. I used chalk to draw a football on 2 pieces of burlap. Wrote War Eagle in chalk and painted over it. Trace with some puff paint and fill in the rest of the football with brown paint. Stuff with grocery sacks and staple the edges. Yep staple, I did it on a burlap table runner and 3 years later it is still stapled together.

Since I was in such a big hurry the lettering is pretty wonky so I may redo it on the other side, but for now it works. It would be really cute with a big bow or some curly wire instead of my sad excuse of a bow and hanger. Ok looking at this that lettering is terrible, I think I will be redoing it today and fraying the edges.


a few random thoughts i want to remember

*I still can't believe it is football season. Saturday during the game I said out loud numerous times that I can't believe we are already sitting at a football game. So much of my summer was wished away to get to the next month, hoping not to do that to the fall.

*At Auburn home games we have an eagle that flies around the stadium pre game. This week Spirit got a little confused and flew into the glass window of one of the suites. It was scary then she was even more confused and flew into the stands like she was going to land on someone. She finally came to the field and landed. It wasn't funny at the time, but now it is hard not to laugh when you watch the video.

*AU vs MSU nail bitter. Let's just say I am glad that my husband is the OCD straight line painter he is because if that line had been crooked one inch, dude would have scored.

*It is true, absence does make the heart grow fonder.

Have a great week!


The Williamson Family said...

No matter how straight Eric paints the line dude did schore! It was a great game, just ended absolutely wrong!!!!

Kat said...

Scute!! Love your planters by the door too.

Tracy said...

Only you would be able to whip up something so cute in a few minutes. I keep seeing all these cute things on doors and trying to figure out what to put on our door. Tell Eric we love him and give him all the credit for the win!!

Lori K said...

Thought about you when I saw how fab your boyfriend did! Go CAM...still doing what you do best!

The Williamson Family said...

I wish I would have made my football myself. I bought one but it does look really easy other than the painting.

Christine M. said...

Love the Auburn burlee! Now I feel silly because I just paid $40 for one! And we ought to be used to nail biters by now, right? War Eagle!

MJ said...

Love it!! I just made a football door hanger last week! I also made a pumpkin one for October. :)

hartmom said...

Cute door football! OMgosh that LOL about Eric painting the line straight...too funny. Thought of you as Auburn pulled another rabbit out of the hat! The games have been very exciting so far this season. Happy for you guys about the wins...can't say the same for our struggling Bruins.

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Such a cute door hanger. I think I need to make one for our Bears. Even though they had a terrible showing last night. Maybe a little team spirit from the NewlyWoodwards could help.

Nikki said...

Poor Eagle! That's scary. Your door hanger is adorable and reinforcing that I need to paint my front door black.

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