Thursday, August 4, 2011


Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway! Tamara- FormerBamaGirl you won! Email me your address and I will get your book sent out to you. Hopefully you and your husband will enjoy discussing The Help!

I had a lot of no reply comments for the giveaway. If you ever wonder why I don't respond to your comments then read this and change your settings to where we can talk to each other. So many of you write the nicest words (ahem Hart Mom) but I don't have a way of saying thank you, so fix that!

Now excuse me while I finish off my week here

Oh and p.s. if you are a crazy internet stalker just waiting for the moment to break in and steal my fabric, don't even think about it. I left Eric behind at home to fend for himself, not to mention a dog that is as protective over her mama's fabric as she is over her stuffed squirrels!


FormerBamaGirl said...

thank you so much!!!! cant wait to read the book!!!!!!!!!

MJ said...

I'm so glad you posted that about the "no reply" bloggers! I am going to do a similar post this week. I love to reply back to comments, but 9 times out of 10, it comes up no reply.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation! I'm totally jealous that you're at the beach!!

Rachel said...

Have a wonderful time at the beach!!

hartmom said...

Oh geeez, duh! I think I fixed it Vanessa...let me know :)

You are sweet to mention me and I really do enjoy your's on my list of only a few that I check every day. Have a good one!

Nikki said...

Bahaha! I'm sure they are after your fabric for sure!

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